10 Unique Gifts for a French Bulldog Mother


When we talk about French bulldog mothers, there’s no way that some of them doesn’t have a good sense of fashion. They always tend to find the craziest outfits to show their love for French bulldogs. In case you are searching for a special and unique gift for a French bulldog mother that will make her scream out of happiness, don’t worry. You’re in the right place because we’ve found 10 best gifts for them.

french bulldog items

Frenchie World® Women French Bulldog pool sliders

Summer is coming, so all Frenchie moms need to stay prepared for the season. These pool sliders are great for any type of casual occasions and are easy to match with different kinds of outfits!

french bulldog mother

Women French Bulldog Socks

How can we escape wearing socks? That something that everyone needs regardless of the time of the year! These Women French bulldog socks are available in different colors and are waiting to be worn! Since they are made of 100%, we are sure every French bulldog mother will feel comfortable and chic in them.

“French Mustache” Spring hoodie

Who has told that mustache is out of fashion? Well, when a Frenchie wears them, fashion gets a totally different sense! There’s no way for having a bad styling with this spring hoodie, that’s for sure! It’s made in the USA and can be worn in any kind of relaxed occasion.


We bet there’s no person on this planet who didn’t enjoy watching a famous tv sitcom called Friends. Well, if you adored it too, then this t-shirt presents a perfect match to your friendly soul. With 6 Frenchies in the main role, it’s definitely gonna break the internet!

Geometric French Bulldog Necklace & Pendant

For celebrating all those special moments, why not to always take the Frenchie with you? Since there’s no way that a furry gremlin doesn’t take an important place in the life of every French bulldog mother, we’re sure this could be a perfect gift!

It’s handcrafted, inspired by origami and can be bought only in one piece per customer.

French Bulldog Strap Clutch

It might look like a real one French bulldog, but it’s actually a perfect strap clutch for putting keys, money, and lipstick in case of emergency. Don’t stay surprised if you see your Frenchie start acting jealous on this cute-looking clutch! He would both like to go everywhere with you!

Mother of Frenchies T-shirt

Who would better wear it than a mother of Frenchies? This lovely T-shirt definitely presents a perfect choice for a gift. Since it can be worn in any kind of occasion, we are sure every mom will simply adore it!

Women’s French Bulldog Bubble Gum T-shirt

Another T-shirt is gonna rock the streets this season! There’s no Frenchie lover who would resist to this popping batpig. The shirt is made of 100% cotton and is available in different sizes. Another great thing is that all the profit from selling this shirt goes to charity to feed the abandoned Frenchies in rescues and shelters.

Flannel Women Pajamas

Raise your hand if you like to spend lazy weekends with your pooch. We are sure that there’s not French bulldog mother who doesn’t like it! This Flannel Women Pajamas will definitely make you sleep like you’re in heaven and will help you feel warm and cozy at the same time!

Frenchie Mom T-Shirt

Look at those gorgeous round eyes and bat ears! Since that’s the first thing every Frenchie mom sees every morning, there will be no mistake by wearing it! Let’s celebrate the love for those furry gremlins and make some Frenchie mom feeling special and cozy!

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