10 Hottest French Bulldog Items For Spring 2019

french bulldog items

Spring is almost here and all those sunny days are waiting for you and your furry friend to spend the best time ever. For most people, it presents one of the best seasons of the year when we need to ‘arrange’ our closets to become more colorful and vivid. When we say our closets we mean on your little batpig’s closet too. That’s why we want to represent you with 10 hottest French bulldog items for spring 2019.

Tricolor French Bulldog Hoodie

We bet your Frenchie will enjoy wearing this hoodie while having a stroll in cozy spring evenings. A modern design and natural material is something that every dog owner wants for his dog.

Quack French Bulldog Multicolor Hoodie

Your Frenchie will definitely become the biggest star of neighborhood with this Quack French bulldog hoodie. It’s available in 3 colors and is made of 100%. Who can resist a Frenchie wearing this amazing hoodie?

Reflective French Bulldog Rhinestone Harness

Get out and enjoy the outdoor walks with your dog safe in the Reflective French Bulldog Rhinestone Harness by Frenchie World! This harness presents the perfect fit for all cute Frenchie princesses that are waiting to meet their prince. Our Reflective Rhinestone Harness is one of the best selling French bulldog items for 2019. A harness not only makes your pooch stylish but also provides a full secure to her wide neck and short body.

Unlike collars that go around Frenchie’s neck, a harness presents a much better choice when going for a walk.

Italian Handmade French Bulldog Bed

No matter how heartbreaking it will look like to push your French bulldog from your own bed, believe us, it’s very important for him/her to have his/her own sleeping place. There’s nothing better than jumping into your own bed after a long day spent. Since Frenchies are famous for their laziness and their love for lying down all day long, what else will he/she likes more? This Italian Handmade Dog Bed is high-durable, soft, and its edges will provide your little gremlin even better comfort from regular dog beds. Those egdes will greatly fit their heads.

The bed is available in 2 sizes, and its sleeping surface features 3 inches of orthopedic sponge. That’s why it’s great for senior dogs and those with hip or joint issues. Removable covers and liners are machine-washable so it’s easy to clean and maintain.

French Bulldog Giant Wall Clock

Make your place more stylish and think of your Frenchie every time you want to know what time is it.
Say goodbye to the smaller, conventional wall clocks and welcome this French Bulldog Giant Wall Clock! It’s available in silver, gold and black color, and its final decoration size is up to you.

Bling French Bulldog Collar

This super cute necklace collar with an easy clasp fastening comes with the extender for adjustment. Although it looks massive, it’s actually lightweight. Your Frenchie can wear it on special occasions such as birthdays, and family and friends’ meetings.

french bulldog items

Frenchie Mom T-Shirt

Get up you Frenchie mommy, it’s time to go for a walk! Frenchie Mom T-Shirt represents your ultimate purpose and love for your French Bulldog. Only batpig’s owners are familiar with those popping out faces that wake them up in this way every morning. It’s made of 100% cotton and can be worn at any time of the day.

French Bulldog Spring Velvet Jacket

Velvet presents a total hit for this spring season. Therefore, your French bulldog needs to follow the latest trends as well. This French bulldog spring velvet jacket is a great choice for having a walk in windy and a bit colder spring evenings. The jacket is available in multiple sizes, and red and blue colors.
Keep your pup toasty and stylish with this edgy French Bulldog Spring Velvet Jacket.

Frenchie World® Breathable Furniture Mat

No matter how much you love your dog, you would agree that you don’t like seeing your little gremlin’s hair everywhere. With this Breathable Furniture Mat, your sofa will definitely stay clean and protected from any kind of dirt and not only your dog’s fur.

Pinsonic quilting is a thread-free, durable method of electronically bonding the water-resistant fabric with ultrasonic heat; no holes are sewn maximizing water resistance. The machine washable cover is easily secured with no-fuss cushion anchors and sturdy elastic bands.

Frenchie World Luxury Dog Bathrobe

Is your dog ready to hit the spa or lounge around the house in this designer Frenchie World Dog Bathrobe? Now, instead of using a towel after bathing your lovely pooch, you can dress him into this cute and practical dog bathrobe. It will absorb all the water form your dog’s coat in a few minutes.

Your dog will love being wrapped up in this cozy robe after baths, and you’ll love not having your pup use your carpet and furniture to dry themselves! 

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