How Do I Know If My French Bulldog Is Pregnant?

french bulldog pregnancy

Getting ready for new family members is one of the best feelings in the world. Taking care of a pregnant French bulldog is for many dog owners a totally new experience. Just like women, your furry princess goes through different hormonal and body changes before the final day of puppy labor. French bulldog pregnancy lasts for about 63 days or 3 trimesters of 21 days, and these are the symptoms to tell you if your dog is pregnant.

french bulldog pregnancy

How do French bulldog females get pregnant?

Unlike other dog breeds, in 90 % of cases, Frenchie females get pregnant by going through artificial insemination. These pooches have short legs and specially positioned hips, so natural mating is often impossible. Unsuccessful artificial inseminations are also common, so owners or breeders often need to go through the additional costs of this procedure.

french bulldog pregnancy

How do French bulldog pregnancy symptoms look like?

Your little four-legged friend will carry a baby/babies for 9 weeks. Through this period, her body will change, as well as her behavior. These are the symptoms of pregnancy you can expect to notice in your Frenchie:

First signs of French bulldog pregnancy

The first signs of pregnancy include gaining weight, morning sickness, loss of appetite, tiredness, and sleepiness. Feeding your Frenchie with the usual diet is essential, as well as including supplements recommended by your vet. Even though it happens rarely, we have to mention that some females can throw up several times a day. In case it happens with your pooch, then you should feed it with several small meals during the day.

french bulldog pregnancy

Health checks are important

Your dog should have 3 ultrasounds during the time of pregnancy. It’s because female Frenchies have small uteruses, and ultrasound will reveal how many puppies to expect and whether they have enough space to develop properly.

When your dog is approximately 4 weeks pregnant, your vet can feel the pregnancy belly and confirm if the puppies are on their way. This procedure should be done only by a professional, otherwise, the miscarriage can be induced.

Signs of French bulldog pregnancy in the second and third trimesters

During the second trimester, your French bulldog female will start to get dark and bigger nipples. Her breasts will start to grow and you’ll be able to spot a milky fluid trickle out. The vet will also perform an X-ray test because it’s the best way to check the puppies’ bone structure.

french bulldog pregnancy

The third trimester of pregnancy is followed by rapid stomach growth and hair loss on the belly. By losing hair on the belly, your furry friend is preparing for puppy birth. Searching for a hidden and quiet place is also normal because she wants to feel relaxed and safe. She will also have less energy than usual and eat less because the diaphragm will rise and interfere with breathing after each copious meal. As you can notice, just like women, our dogs go through similar pregnancy stages.

french bulldog pregnancy

Since French bulldogs shouldn’t give birth naturally due to the increased risk of puppies getting stuck in the birth canal, we recommend you schedule a C-section surgery. Frenchie females have short and tight birth canals and narrow hips, so natural puppy birth represents a risk both for the mother and her babies.

C-section surgery is a serious procedure that should be done by an experienced vet. Your dog will need a lot of rest to completely recover the wound and cut tissues to heal. Since you’ll be the only one your dog can rely on, you’ll need to daily disinfect the wound and take care of puppies.

french bulldog pregnancy

Frenchies usually carry 3 to 5 puppies, so that’s why they are often high in price. When we calculate the cost of artificial insemination, health checks, C-section, and the number of puppies, it’s not surprising why their price ranges between  2.000-10.000 $.

Wrapping up

As you can see, dog breeding is not an easy task. Dog breeders need to invest a lot of time, money, love, and energy to produce a litter of healthy pups. French bulldogs are not like most other dog breeds. They need to go through different health checks, procedures, and surgeries. Therefore, you shouldn’t buy Frenchie puppies at low prices, because it’s often the sign that the puppy is of poor health. Make sure you check the breeder and your potential dog’s bloodline before you finally decide to buy him/her. Bringing a Frenchie puppy into a family is like bringing a child. Therefore, make sure you make a good choice because your furry family member should stay for years by your side.

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