How Do I Stop My French Bulldog From Smelling?

french bulldog skin bumps

Your French bulldog’s smell might be the thing that you love the least about your pet. Does your Frenchie smell bad even though you take care of his hygiene? The odor of a smelly French bulldog’s fur doesn’t appeal to most owners. It might sound weird, but it’s often the reason why do people want to think twice before they finally decide to get a four-legged family member.

Unpleasant do smell is related to its sebaceous glands. A dog’s sweat glands are set on their paws, so they can release the heat only through those small body parts. In dog breeds with excessive folds, the unpleasant odor occurs due to debris and dirt collected between. The dog’s glands help them in protecting their skin, but the composition of those liquids is the reason for the smell.

Although Frenchies (and all other dogs) don’t sweat like we do, they release the chemical scent that lubricates the hair follicles. Just like in humans, their smell will depend on the diet you’re feeding your pet, and the care he gets. Here are some ways to help your French bulldog smell better.

how do i stop my french bulldog from smelling

How do I stop my French bulldog from smelling? Tips that can help

Regular grooming

By grooming your French bulldog, you’ll help him get rid of dead hair and skin cells. Dirt, allergens, and dander can also be the reasons for your French bulldog’s itchy skin as well. Therefore, the brushing should be performed at least once a week, and during the shedding season, you can perform it more often.

Our advice for grooming the French bulldog’s coat is the following grooming glove. A grooming glove allows you to reach all the hidden places on the dog’s body and to gently clean between the folds. When we talk about dog grooming brushes, our advice is to use the one that features soft needles because Frenchies have thin and one-layered coats.

Refresh your Frenchie’s coat with a dry-cleaning shampoo

Dry-cleaning foams are carefully designed to be rubbed into the skin. Frenchie World dry cleaning foam helps in eliminating the grease and odor, and leaves a pleasant and fresh smell.

It is easy to apply, and all you need to do is to massage the dog’s fur, and to rub it with a towel when you finish.

Use apple cider vinegar solution

To improve the appearance of your French bulldog’s coat and to prevent it from bad-smelling, you can spray it with a solution made of 60% water, and 40 % apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is known to provide a beneficial effect to the hair. It makes the hair shiny, strengthens the skin, and protects it from yeast infections and other skin issues.

Regularly clean your French bulldog’s bed

Dog beds can become the dirtiest spots in the house if you don’t clean and disinfect them regularly. Besides they can smell really bad, dog beds collect dander, dirt, feces, urine, and all other nasty things you won’t like to see in your house. Our advice is to choose a French bulldog bed made of easy-clean fabrics. Fabrics such as microfibers are more suitable for pets because they block the water, while hair and dirt can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

What about the French bulldog’s ears, teeth, and tail pocket?

Don’t forget to clean these three spots because they produce the worst smells in the world. French bulldogs might not have tails, but they have tail pockets that collect feces and dirt. Since this place is susceptible to infections, we recommend you clean it daily. You can do that by using baby wet wipes or a wet cloth.

Since French bulldogs have erected ears, it’s important to daily check if a piece of grass or dirt fell inside. Scratching the ear, and rubbing it onto the floor could be the first signs that something is going on with your four-legged friend. The following Ear cleaning powder is designed to relieve itchiness and prevent ear infections.

How Do I Stop My French Bulldog From Smelling

Don’t forget that a bad smell can come from your dog’s mouth too.Therefore, pay attention to his dental hygiene and provide him with durable chew toys for French bulldogs that will help him remove tartar and plaque from his teeth.

how do i stop my french bulldog from smelling

How do I stop my French bulldog from smelling? Can I use baby shampoo?

We can’t escape mentioning regular bathing. Nothing can rinse the bad odor and dirt like water and ‘soap’. Therefore, for bathing your French bulldog, you should use only shampoos that are specially made for dogs. Our four-legged friends have a different pH level of the skin, so they require using only vet-approved products. Using baby shampoos is also not advisable.

Our suggestion for bathing a French bulldog is the following SOS Natural French bulldog shampoo. This French bulldog shampoo features only natural ingredients, it’s free of parabens, and the collection consists of 5 types.

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