How Much Exercise Does Your French Bulldog Need? Revealed

How Much Exercise Does Your French Bulldog Need

Maybe it’s because they’re so adaptable, but the French bulldog is one small dog breed that manages to pack an important trait: happiness. These guys thrive when given plenty of love and attention from their human counterparts in order for them to feel fulfilled both emotionally as well physically! When we talk about how much exercise does your French bulldog need, there is no general rule. However, with the following guidelines, you can be sure that your dog gets as much activity as he needs.

How Much Exercise Does Your French Bulldog Need

How can I know how much exercise does my French bulldog need?

Before your start searching for lines that will reveal to you how much exercise your Frenchie needs, you need to know the following. Just like every human is different, so is every dog different. It means that you can’t push your dog to do strenuous exercises if he/she is incapable of them.

How Much Exercise Does Your French Bulldog Need

When taking your dog on strolls, it’s important to monitor his/her body language. Does your French bulldog breathe normally? Does he/she quickly get tired? Does he look like he wants to stay outside and play fetch? These could be only some of the questions you might ask yourself.

Speaking generally, this breed needs around 60 minutes of exercise each day to keep them healthy and happy! You can provide this by going on brief walks throughout your pup’s waking hours or taking part in some other active hobby such as playing fetch outside together. Just make sure you give them enough rest so they aren’t overworked while exercising.

Important cautions when exercising a French bulldog

Besides exercising your Frenchie, you should also pay special attention to their hydration demands during activities. Always bring a bottle with a collapsible bowl for your Frenchie, especially during warmer months. If the weather is hot, then make sure you take your dog outside early in the morning and late in the evening. In that way, you’ll prevent him from overheating and getting blisters on the paw pads.

We also need to mention that cooling items can be of great help in keeping your Frenchie’s temperature within normal limits. French bulldog shirts with cooling effects as well as cooling collars are only some of the summer essentials your dog needs to own. Cooling items are made of special heat-resistant fabric that should be worn wet to get the best effect.

How Much Exercise Does Your French Bulldog Need

How to know if your French bulldog needs more exercise?

Although Frenchies are known as low-energy dogs, some pooches act as if they’re ready to run a marathon. Does your Frenchie constantly thrives on attention and wants to play and run in the house even if he/she has just come back? If the answer is yes, then your dog requires more activities.

Use interactive toys for your French bulldog

The best way to keep your furry friend occupied and entertained is to provide him/her with interactive French bulldog toys. French bulldog toys that can be filled with treats and peanut butter can be of great help, however, make sure you not overfeed your dog. Otherwise, your Frenchie can quickly gain weight. Instead of adding extra calories, you can set aside a certain amount of food for rewards and interactive toys.

Our advice is to check French Bulldog Sniffing Stress Release Mat. You can hide a dry kibble inside of it, and your dog will get attracted by the smell of food and start sniffing it. This Stress releasing snuffle mat is also a perfect solution for anxious dogs. The interactive toy will keep your pet occupied while you’re out and about, giving them more time to relax at home and you to take care of some errands!

How Much Exercise Does Your French Bulldog Need

Frenchie World® Food Catapult is another way to play with your pet indoors. Fill it with dry kibble and keep him running, jumping, and chasing around with this food catapult.

How Much Exercise Does Your French Bulldog Need

Can’t get enough exercise? Not sure how much is too little or not enough for your dog’s physical health and mood regulation needs. Well, this experiment will help you figure it out! The best way to do so: start by varying the amount of time spent playing with them each day. If they’re always trying to initiate play while you’re attempting relaxation then he’s definitely not pleased with the amount of exercise. If your pup has always been a bit of a trouble maker, see if any bad habits start reducing on days where he gets plenty of outdoor activity. Nighttime activity is another sign that your Frenchie needs more exercise.

How much exercise does my French bulldog need? Wrapping up

Have you ever wondered why your Frenchie barks when it’s alone? The answer could be related to separation anxiety. In this case, the barking can become excessive if left untreated for long periods without attention from humans. In other cases, it could be a desire to interact. For example, my dog loves to stand in front of the window and bark at other dogs and people. He stares out at the outside world and roams from room to room, whines in front of the door just to go outside even if we already went for a walk. Therefore, there is no general answer that will help you realize how much exercise does your French bulldog need. The best and the only way is to monitor your French bulldog’s behavior and search for other signs.

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