How to choose the best French bulldog shampoo?

french bulldog shampoo

French bulldogs do not require special or complicated grooming processes. All you need to do is brush your Frenchie once or twice a week and give them occasional baths. It may seem overwhelming to choose the right shampoo for French bulldogs since their skin is so sensitive. 

french bulldog shampoo

If you are struggling to choose a shampoo for your canine friend, we have several suggestions on how to choose the best Frenchie shampoo.


How to choose a shampoo for your Frenchie?

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing shampoo for your French bulldog. Since Frenchies have sensitive and easily irritable skin. You should find the formula specially designed for the French bulldog breed. This is important because shampoo for French Bulldogs is made with the consideration that they are prone to allergies. 

Hypoallergenic shampoo for a French bulldog with a low PH is always a good choice. There are other ingredients that can help or harm Francie’s skin so you need to choose wisely. Never use human shampoo for your Frenchie’s baths since their skin PH is very different that human’s. Using human shampoo can cause severe irritations so it’s better to avoid it.

Ingredients that will ensure the good quality of the shampoo are mostly natural. Take a look at the list we prepared to help you look for a shampoo with good ingredients for Frenchie’s sensitive skin. 

Aloe Vera

We already mentioned a homemade remedy for irritations on your French Bulldog skins here. Aloe is a natural moisturizer that can be very calming for irritated skin. When skin is inflamed due to allergies, infections, or damage, aloe will have a cooling and soothing effect. It will also reduce redness.


Marigold can help a lot with irritated skin to reduce itchiness and soothe irritated skin. Its antibacterial effects can prevent infections while reducing rashes. It also helps to calm allergies and their effects on Frenchie’s skin. 

french bulldog shampoo

Shea Butter

This is not just a good moisturizer for dry skin, but also a very useful ingredient in French bulldog shampoo. Shea Butter softens and nourishes your Frenchie’s skin. It can be used for dry skin on any part of the body like the nose, ears, dry elbows and paws. It is completely safe for French Bulldog puppies but make sure to use it in small amounts.

Shampoo with Shea Butter is a perfect choice for cleansing your dog while reducing irritations and flakiness.

shampoo for a frenchie

Tea Tree Oil 

Shampoo with tea tree oil will feel like heaven for inflamed Frenchie’s skin. With its soothing effect, tea tree oil will calm the skin and prevent infections and bacteria growth. Natural ingredients like natural oils won’t affect Frenchie’s skin in any negative way so choose the shampoo with such ingredients.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt like all other natural ingredients can have many benefits for Frenchie’s skin. It can prevent infections and reduce hot spots. It is also a good companion in the fight against bacteria and inflammatory states of the skin. No wonder why is it such a common ingredient in French bulldog shampoo.


Oatmeal is a perfect natural solution for itchy or irritated skin. Oatmeal is a moisturizer that can be added to French Bulldog shampoo or moisturizing creme. With its soothing effect, Oatmeal shampoo will become your Frenchies favorite bath friend.

french bulldog shampoo

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has the same effect as previously mentioned Aloe Vera and Oatmeal. It will soothe your Frenchie’s skin and make your dog feel better. It will reduce the need for scratching which is caused by itching skin. 

Which ingredients should you avoid in Frenchie shampoo?


As much as it’s important to know which ingredients to choose, it’s also essential to know which ones to avoid. This will prevent many skin issues for your Frenchie. Since a French bulldog’s skin is so sensitive it’s good to know what could cause irritations and itching. 


One of the ingredients with the biggest drying effect is sodium lauryl sulfate. This ingredient is very harsh on French bulldog’s skin and it should be avoided. The same goes for sodium Laureth sulfate which can cause serious skin damage by drying it. Frenchies’ hair has its own natural oils which can be affected by this ingredient. The consequence of using French bulldog shampoo with this ingredient is irritation on the skin that you simply don’t want. 


Frenchie shampoo that consists of alcohol is as harmful to your dog as already mentioned sulfates. It has the same drying effect and causes irritations that are prevented by avoiding shampoo for Frenchies with alcohol. 

Artificial colors

Artificial colors are very harmful synthetic chemicals that have no function in the shampoo for French bulldogs. They are used to simply color the shampoo and make it cute. But is the cuteness worth the irritations that these colors can cause to your Frenchie’s skin? It’s better to avoid them and stay safe. Your Frenchie friend doesn’t even know which color the shampoo is so who cares?

Synthetic fragrances

This is an ingredient that is very dangerous since it can cause serious allergic reactions and irritations. What’s even worse about synthetic fragrances is that they can mask the usual smell of other dangerous ingredients. This is why it is very important to avoid this ingredient in French bulldog shampoo at all costs.


Parabens’ main functionality in shampoo is to make it last longer by preventing the growth of bacteria. That is good for the sellers of dog shampoo but it’s very bad for your dog’s skin. It causes skin irritations and possible health issues so you should avoid buying Frenchie shampoo with this ingredient. 


Taking some time to read the ingredients included in the French bulldog shampoo can prevent so many issues. Choosing the right shampoo for your Frenchie is as important as the food you feed them. The wrong shampoo can have serious consequences for your dog’s health so choose the best formula. 


Keep in mind that all dogs are different and they won’t all react the same to all mentioned ingredients. 


It is very important to find the perfect solution for your Frenchie’s skin condition. Sometimes, consulting the vet about the best shampoo for French bulldogs is the best idea. They will know which ingredient should shampoo be based on according to your dog’s needs. 

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