How To Choose The Right Breeder For Your French Bulldog Puppy?

french bulldog breeder

By making a decision what dog breed you want to own, the next step should be choosing the right dog breeder. French bulldogs have been popular companions since the early 1800s. Widely known for showing affection and intelligence, Frenchies became popular with a wide variety of people. Therefore, these lovely dogs take the high 6th place in the world in homes all around the World. Choosing the right breeder for your French bulldog puppy certainly takes a bit of research. However, it’s of great importance since it’s the only way to get a high-quality pet. Due to previously mentioned reasons, we want to provide you with some useful tips.

breeder for your French bulldog puppy

What should first-time owners pay attention to?

  1. Discover all the recognizable features of a French bulldog breed standard. They need to have the appearance of muscular dogs of heavy bones, smooth and silky coats and compactly built. Bat-shaped ears and brachycephalic head are also one of their main features.
  2. In case you want to show your Frenchie on competitions, then it must meet all the requirements of AKC. A show dog is often higher in price. However, if you don’t have any plans to show your pooch, a pet-quality puppy is more than acceptable.
  3. Every good reputable breeder should ensure you in a puppy’s health history. We recommend you to always ask the breeder whether his/her dogs have any potential to suffer from certain diseases. Unfortunately, French bulldog breed is at a higher risk to suffer from hip dysplasia and allergies. Therefore, you need to make sure the parents of your future family member have been cleared of genetic problems.
  4. Search for a breeder who believes in ethical breeding. You surely don’t want to buy a dog with a long list of health problems.  When choosing the right breeder for your French bulldog puppy, it’s important to make a balance. That type of balance should tell you that the puppy you want to buy is the right pick for the price.  Unfortunately, many people think that they can buy a high-quality dog for a cheap price. However, the only thing they get is a seriously ill dog and high medical bills. Due to these reasons, many French bulldogs end up being left in rescue centers.
  5. A good and reputable breeder will always ask you for a few questions to determine your plans with the puppy. That’s why your answers need to be honest and clear.
breeder for your French bulldog puppy

The decision of choosing the right breeder for your French bulldog puppy is only yours!

Once you decided to own a Frenchie, you’ve made a contract. The contract says that you should not buy a dog to use it as a fashion accessory. Unfortunately, there’re not many top quality breeders in the world. Ethical breeders strive to continually produce high standard puppies. That includes a high-demand dog’s abilities, behavior, and physical attributes. Therefore, it’s extremely important to ask what criteria (accomplishments or test) a breeder requires from his/her breeding stock.

breeder for your French bulldog puppy

Does he/she have any test results like OFA papers for hip-testing? What requirements a French bulldog buyer needs to receive so he/she can buy a pooch? At what age does the breeder put his/her dogs on sale? Does the breeder require a contract, what does he/she guarantee and what are the contract terms? These are only some of the questions you should talk about before making a final decision. Although it seems difficult in the beginning, by observing all the tips, you’ll surely succeed in choose the right breeder for your French bulldog puppy.

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