How to Choose the Right French Bulldog Puppy?


Originated from the lace-producing regions of northern France, French bulldogs have lately stolen the hearts of millions of people worldwide. We shouldn’t be surprised by their rapid growth in popularity since their gorgeous personality and uniqueness are the reason for standing out from the crowd. Therefore, if you already decided to own a Frenchie, we’re sure you have asked yourself how you’ll know to choose the right French bulldog puppy. It can be a very difficult task, especially in case you don’t have any experience. Although it takes certain research, it’s well worth the effort.

right french bulldog puppy

What does a future French bulldog owner need to know?

First of all, every future Frenchie owner should know the standard features of a French bulldog. These lovely dogs are small, compactly built, have a short coat and bat-looking ears. Their overall appearance can be described as extremely friendly dogs with huge hearts.

right french bulldog puppy

The next important item is your ambitions. You need to determine and to admit what are your intentions with a dog. Do you want to use it for showing purposes, or you’re only looking for a lovely companion? In case you’re looking for a show dog, it significantly changes the things. You’ll need to choose a Frenchie that meets the AKC criteria.

On the other hand, a companion French bulldog doesn’t require color characteristics according to the AKC.

right french bulldog puppy

There’s something in those puppy eyes

It maybe sounds like a phrase, but the love at first sight also takes a huge role in choosing the right French bulldog puppy. You’ll simply recognize what type of Frenchie will fit your personality. It’s equal to choosing a friend for life. Do you prefer lively dogs or calm and shy? It can be only one of the dilemmas.

right french bulldog puppy black

What do you need to ask a breeder?

The key to choosing the right French bulldog puppy is in finding a reputable breeder.  We advise you to always ask for a Frenchie’s parent history. Have they’ve been suffering from any kind of health problem or they’ve been cleared from all previous family illnesses? Make sure that the breeder has a proof for it. However, this statement cannot completely guarantee you that your Frenchie will not suffer from any kind of illnesses in the future. What you are looking for is a kind of middle-of-the-road dog of apparent health and appropriate temperament. Once you’ve found the right French Bulldog puppy, you’ll have a consummate companion animal that will enjoy your love and attention for years to come.

right french bulldog puppy

Why are Frenchies so high in price?

People should be aware of buying Frenchies for a small amount of money. It’s certainly can’t be a good choice since such dogs often suffer from a number of health issues. The price for a quality and healthy Frenchie usually ranges from 1.500- 15.000 $. Reputable breeders never sell cheap puppies since they put a lot of efforts, time and money for producing high-quality pets. Frenchies are high in price for many reasons. Their females require a C-section and a number of medical checkings. Frenchies, in general, need special nutrition since they’re prone to stomach float and allergies. So, if a breeder wants to get healthy puppies, he/she will need to invest also a lot of money.

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