How To Clean French Bulldog Wrinkles?

frenchie stink

French bulldogs are famous for their adorable wrinkles. However, they can get smelly and infected if we don’t clean them regularly. French bulldog wrinkles are moist and dark places that daily collect dirt, food leftovers, bacteria, and all those nasty elements. That’s why it’s essential to know the steps of keeping these body parts clean and healthy.

french bulldog wrinkles

What do you need to know about French bulldog wrinkles?

Do you know why French bulldogs were used in dog fights? So-called bull baiting was a popular and cruel sport in the UK where these dogs took the main roles. Thanks to their wrinkles, French bulldogs were the best choice for dog fights. Unlike other dog breeds, they could rarely get severe injuries.  Luckily, this sport has become banned, but it’s still illegally held in some places.

Although these dogs have changed their original appearance over the decades, they’re still wrinkled, gorgeous, and charming. Just like their ears, nose, and paws, your French bulldog’s wrinkles deserve a special place in their care routine.

How to keep your French bulldog wrinkles clean?

For some Frenchies, wiping those moist spots a couple of times a week would be enough. However, if your pooch is prone to allergies, behaves as a messy piglet, or has extremely deep folds, then you have to do it daily.

Messy eaters will also need to get a fold cleaning after every meal. Canned food or raw diet for your Frenchie is quite wet, so it can enter wrinkles and become smelly. And…when it becomes smelly, here it comes an infection.

french bulldog wrinkles

Tip 1- use baby wet wipes

For shallow folds on your Frenchie, you can use baby wet wipes for sensitive skin to remove food and dirt. Unlike regular wet wipes, the baby type is free of alcohol and specially created for sensitive skin.

Tip 2- Use a damp cloth or a towel

If you don’t want to use wet wipes on your Frenchie, then you can clean his/her wrinkles with a simple wet cloth or towel. Widen the fold and gently remove the dirt inside of it. To pick up the moisture, you can put a little bit of cornstarch into each wrinkle.

Tip 3- Shampoo or soap for dogs

Do not buy human or baby shampoos for your dog. They have different pH of the skin and using inappropriate shampoos can lead to flaky, oily, or dry skin on your Frenchie. Our advice is to buy a hypoallergenic dog shampoo that will contain olive oil or coconut oil. To thoroughly clean the dog’s wrinkles, you can perform a weekly washing with soap or shampoo.

Make sure not to get any soap or shampoo into the dog’s eyes and carefully rinse the folds to avoid irritations and allergic reactions.

My Frenchie got a fold infection! What to do?

Fold infections are quite painful and uncomfortable. They can appear in many forms such as redness, inflammation, discharge, and itchiness. Some folds are especially hard to clean if your dog shows a discomfort and wants to escape during the routine.

If your French bulldog shows some of the previously mentioned issues, then he/she might suffer from fold dermatitis. It is an infection between two folds of skin. Some of the signs are the warmth of pockets, redness, itchiness, and pain.

Yellow or white discharge points out to a severe stage of infection, so the treatment should be done as early as possible.

french bulldog wrinkles

How to treat French bulldog’s infected wrinkles?

Your vet will prescribe you a topical antibiotic cream for your Frenchie. He might also get an anti-yeast treatment and oral therapy. Skin fold dermatitis is usually easy to treat, but it can occur again if you neglect cleaning your dog’s body parts.

Every time you clean your French bulldog wrinkles, it’s important to keep an eye out for symptoms of an infection. Fold dermatitis is a condition that causes excessive moisture in the wrinkles and foul odors coming from your dog’s skin. Wrinkles can be cute, but it takes work to keep them this way! With some extra maintenance care you’ll always have an amazing-looking pooch.

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