How To Fix French Bulldog Cherry Eye?

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French bulldog cherry eye is a condition that affects the dog’s third eyelid. It looks like a red lump protruding from the eye, and if it’s not treated on time, your dog can develop a severe infection and injury. That’s why we will provide you with some useful tips on how to help your pooch who is dealing with cherry eye.

french bulldog cherry eye

French bulldog cherry eye- why does it occur?

Unlike people, dogs have three eyelids. Besides upper and lower, there is also a third eyelid set under the lower eyelid when the eye is closed. The third eyelid produces up to 30% of the total tear film water that lubricates the eyes. It consists of oil, mucus, and water. The main reasons for developing this condition can be the weakness of the ligamentous attachments and a dog’s genetics.

Cherry eye can be visible when your dog is sleeping or when he wakes up from a nap. It looks like a red, swollen ball that seems like it will fall out from the eye every second. French bulldog cherry eye more often occurs in young puppies and dogs up to their second year of life.

What are the symptoms of cherry eye in French bulldogs?

As we already mentioned, a red bump in the corner of the eye is the first symptom. Besides, you can notice that your dog constantly rubs the eye onto the floor, whines, and seems unable to settle down.

Eye dryness, frequent squinting, and even discharge may occur when the condition is left untreated. Conjunctivitis and injured conjunctiva are other issues that can occur if you don’t react on time.

french bulldog cherry eye

How to treat cherry eye in Frenchies?

To prevent or to treat a mild case of the cherry eye, we suggest you to perform a massage of the eye. You should gently and carefully make circular moves around the dog’s eye in order to improve the strength of eye ligaments. Since this condition often occurs due to the weakness of ligamentous attachments, the massage can really help.

Another important step is to visit a vet. Your vet will prescribe you anti-inflammatory eye drops to reduce the swelling. Besides, they will help your pet to decrease the itchiness and will remove the ‘dry eye’ feeling. Luckily, the initial stages of the cherry eye can be successfully treated by using medications and performing massage.

In other cases, your batpig will need to go for surgery. There are different types of surgeries, and the best treatment involves replacing the gland back in its primal location.

The tucking method of surgery includes placing a single stitch to move the gland where it belongs. However, it often happens that the stitch isn’t tied strongly enough to hold the third eyelid permanently.

Newer surgery techniques include pocketing the eye when the wedge of tissue is removed from an actual gland. It must be performed by a brilliant surgeon because it can be challenging to determine how much tissue has been removed.

The last method includes removing the third eyelid. It is also one of the most popular techniques and it is recommended for dogs in whom it has become a chronic disease. However, one of the possible problems that can occur after such a surgery is dry eye. In that case, your Frenchie will have to use eye drops daily.

Wrapping up

French bulldog cherry eye can be successfully treated if it’s noticed in an early stage. Up to 20% or surgically repaired cherry eyes might re-prolapse and the surgery is more likely to be successful if it’s done soon after the gland prolapses.

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