How To Harness Train A French Bulldog?


Ever since I adopted my Frenchie, we have gone on many walks together where he has pulled me all over the place. He would get really excited around other dogs and then just start sprinting down the street with no regard for what was in his way or who might be coming up from behind us. When our veterinarian suggested that I should try a harness instead of using a collar, it made so much sense! My pup is still as energetic when meeting other dogs but now he obeys commands better because there is more pressure distributed across his chest rather than being concentrated at one point like under his neck from pulling too hard against an unyielding collar.

One added benefit that makes this even easier for both myself and my Frenchie is the fact that I can set the straps as my dog’s body changes. Besides, a French bulldog harness represents a much better option when going on long walks and trips. I can grab my dog easier and help him jump into the car as well.

Choosing the right harness for your French bulldog

Choosing the right harness for your pup can be a tricky process if you don’t know what to look out for. Fortunately, we’re about to break down everything that’s important! There are two major categories of dog harnesses: over-head and step-in.

Step-in designs have straps that wrap around a canine’s body with one going between its front paws while another goes across its chest. These then attach at back loops as well as adjustable buckles on either side so it is easy enough to put them on without needing any other equipment or assistance from someone else. However, there will likely need some adjusting once they’ve been fitted into place by simply being able to remove all the gear (rather than readjusting it).

You might be wondering why a harness is called an “over-head” when it sounds like the contraption would go on your dog’s back. Well, you are smarter than that! This harness must first wrap around his chest to keep him from pulling too hard this way and will then fit over his back for optimum safety. These harnesses have more padding which can make them easier for elderly or disabled dogs that may not have as much strength in their legs.

‘Not all French Bulldog harnesses are the same’

Some people think that French bulldog harnesses are like the adjustable belts we wear. But this is not how dog measurement works. The problem with relying on weight for sizing is twofold: firstly, there are many different body shapes of dogs. Secondly-and most importantly-you can’t accurately gauge your own pooch’s weight based off what he or she weighs at any given time (that number fluctuates day by day). We recommend measuring your pet beforehand so they have a better chance of being as comfortable as possible during training sessions where their unruly behavior might get them into more trouble than usual.

There are many signs of a poor fitting harness. These may include fur loss or chafing around the area where it is worn, your pup being able to wriggle free from his leash in this region, and strong resistance when walking on a lead for example. The back piece of the harness should not rotate side-to-side easily because that can cause injury to their spine over time!

How to help your Frenchie get used to wearing a harness?

A harness may seem intimidating to a dog owner, but it can be downright scary for your pup at first. Here are some tips on making them more comfortable!

Before putting on the harness, make sure that you give your pup some room and time. Make him comfortable with his new accessory by letting him sniff around before slipping the straps over his neck. Allow your dog to smell the harness first and start by attaching a tasty treat on it.

Give your Frenchie an extra taste of delicious food that’s bound to make him relaxed. Next, touch him with the straps until he gets used to it – you’ll be able to let go soon enough when he has accepted this new form of contact from you. If there are any buckles attached, have fun (and keep your pup excited) as you open and close these parts for more treats- all while giving praise at each click sound!

Frenchies usually take a few weeks to feel comfortable with new items and routines, but if they back away or nip at you while you’re petting them, that means you should slow down.

Going on a stroll with a harness on

First, fasten the chest straps to ensure your dog is comfortable. The harness can be worn inside the house so that he becomes accustomed to it and then attach a leash. Helping your Frenchie adjust to a new harness can be stressful, but you want him to enjoy his time outside too. That’s why the best thing for you and your dog is knowing that hie’s safe in the piece of high-quality gear.

What are the top 3 French bulldog harnesses that suit their body type?

Tuff Hound Nylon Comfortable French Bulldog Harness

The Tuff Hound Nylon Comfortable French Bulldog Harness is built to last and meets all of the needs of the french bulldog breed. The harness has an adjustable chest strap, padded backing, a brass buckle for added comfort and peace of mind so you can focus on taking your favorite furry friend out with you! Caught up in the trend of French bulldogs? Get this cute yet tough harness. It is LOADED with features like reflective trim, soft lining, and tethers for lead attachment points. Affordable but still stylish – the best investment you will ever make.

Breathable and Reflective French Bulldog Harness

We know how precious your Frenchie is to you, and we want them to have dignity on their walks while doing everything they can to protect them from injury. That’s why the safest alternative for this breed comes in the form of a French bulldog harness. It’s designed with unique padding that lines the neck and protects their spine against injury snugly by hugging closely but not tightly. You’ll also appreciate how these harnesses are wide enough around your dog’s chest so they don’t feel too constricted or uncomfortable during their walk with you! View our selection below for more information about fitting requirements, options available, etc.

Frenchie World® soft padded harness

This is the French bulldog harness for that fearless pup who loves to take a ride. It is made out of soft and pleasant microfiber material, with two D rings – one under its neck and another on its back. Both of these offer convenience when attaching an ID tag or leash! It’s lightweight yet durable so your Frenchie can romp around all day in this harness. And it has a chest belt for easy adjustments to fit any size pooch.

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