How To Help A Frenchie With Breathing Problems?

french bulldog breathing problems

Widely known for their flat faces, Frenchies are on a higher tendency to suffer from breathing problems. They’re especially predisposed to a condition called Brachycephalic airway syndrome. With some tips, you can help your Frenchie feel better, however, this condition almost always requires surgical treatment.

french bulldog breathing problems

How do you identify French bulldog breathing problems?

A Frenchie who deals with breathing issues will always sound like he had just run a marathon. Noisy and fast breathing are usually the most common signs of BOAS. On the other hand, French bulldogs are natural snorers. They snore, snort, and produce the weirdest sounds that a dog could produce.

Since Frenchies quickly get tired, we shouldn’t expose them to great physical exertion. Hiking, running, and chasing are not the cup of tea of these little gremlins. They are the perfect pick for city dwellers who enjoy relaxing walks, and all sorts of casual chills.

Owners of French bulldogs whose nostrils are narrow and barely visible should know that their pets can’t oxygenate themselves properly. They cannot get enough air and effectively cool themselves down. That’s why these batpigs can quickly overheat or lose body heat in cold temperatures too. Their bodies can’t cope with extreme weather conditions.

So, if your Frenchie doesn’t have wide opened nostrils, then you have to consult your vet. Narrowed nostrils can be solved by performing surgery.

Another feature to spot in your French bulldog is whether he/she has an elongated soft palate. Dogs with previously mentioned features will show exercise intolerance, snoring, noisy breathing, wheezing, and excessive slobbering.

french bulldog breathing problems

How can you help your French bulldog breathe better?

French bulldog breathing problems take the first place on the list of health issues that occur in these dogs. That’s why it’s extremely important to buy a Frenchie puppy from a responsible and trusted breeder who will tell you everything about their genes and health history. A potential puppy you want to buy might look healthy at first glance, however, the first issues can appear in a few months.

Managing cases of mild breathing issues is possible by performing the following steps:
  • Keep your French bulldog’s weight within normal ranges. Overweight Frenchies are on a higher tendency to suffer from breathing issues.
  • Avoid walking your Frenchie in the hottest part of the day during summer. Instead, choose the early morning and late evening.
  • Don’t let your dog feel too tired after strolls or training. Overexercising puppies can be especially dangerous during the period of body development. When exercising, a French bulldog with breathing issues can start breathing noisy, it will stick his tongue out, and start to slobber excessively. The head position of a dog will also be lower, and it will look tired and exhausted.

french bulldog breathing problems

  • Pay attention to your Frenchie’s hydration during the summer season because overheating is followed by losing body fluids.
  • Place your Frenchie in an air-conditioned room to cool off.
  • We recommend you buy your dog a summer-cooling bed filled with gel that will help in keeping the body temperature within optimal ranges.

  We’ve already said that French bulldog breathing problems can be managed only in mild cases. In cases when a dog seems lethargic, deals with rapid heart rate, and sounds like it’s choking, the only solution will be surgery. Owning a French bulldog definitely brings so many good things to your life, but potential owners should also know that they could be pricey.

French bulldog breathing issues

 Paying high medical bills often lead to the abandonment of these dogs, so that’s why we often find them in rescues. People think that taking care of a Frenchie is easy. They want to pay less for a puppy, and then they end up realizing they don’t have enough money to deal with expensive care and high medical bills. That’s why buying a French bulldog puppy from a trusted breeder is of great importance. That’s the best and easiest way to make sure you’ll live with healthy four-legged family member.

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