How To Help Abandoned French Bulldogs?

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Despite the fact of being one of the most popular breeds in the world, French bulldogs often end up on streets, being abandoned. With all those growing popularity, there’s a lot of sadness too. Just imagine how much these furry gremlins suffer when they realize there’s no more their loving families around them. Why do they deserve to experience such things? Well, that’s why we decided to help all abandoned French bulldogs to get tasty meals in rescues and shelters. Keep reading and discover how you can help…

abandoned french bulldogs

How to help abandoned French bulldogs?

The Frenchie World Team came to an idea of helping lonely and abandoned French bulldogs by selling items inspired by them. Besides you’ll be able to have a T-shirt or a phone case with a Frenchie’s face on it, you’ll also do something precious.

Each sale will provide 3-5 meals for deserted Frenchies. Frenchie World is a globally recognized brand when it comes to French bulldog clothing, accessories, or even the whole brand.

Why do Frenchies end up in streets or shelters?

So far, you’ve probably heard many stories about French bulldog’s tendency to suffer from a number of health issues.

However, have you ever wondered why is it like that? Unfortunately, French bulldog popularity took them to the stage where many irresponsible breeders saw a great opportunity to make money. In other words, they started to produce unhealthy litters of puppies and sell them for low prices. And where the ‘sales’ appear, the rest becomes history…

When the owners of seriously ill puppies realized it’s too late to turn them back, they decided to leave them to shelters or even abandoned in the streets. The puppies they bought started to express a number of health issues they couldn’t financially support.

Therefore, putting them to shelters seemed like the best option. There are still people who can help these gremlins to have a warm living place. And, there is also a note for all of them who can’t adopt a Frenchie. They can help by investing in charity. As we already mentioned, all the profit from selling these items goes to help these little gremlins. So, let’s find out what items you can buy to help abandoned French bulldogs.

Frenchie World Community Member Men’s Cotton Crew Tee

In case you are a Frenchie owner who loves to show love for these furry gremlins, then this is will become your favorite t-shirt. It is available in many colors and sizes. Every proud Frenchie World community member will get thrilled by owning this piece of clothes.

abandoned french bulldogs

Where’s My Coffee Mug – a coffee to help abandoned French bulldogs

Does drinking coffee present your first-morning ritual? For all those moody humans who don’t like being interrupted during their coffee time, we’ve prepared the following mug. Perfect for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, this classic shape white, the durable ceramic mug comes in the most popular size.

abandoned french bulldogs

Parlez-Vous Francais Unisex Crewneck

Since winter has just begun, it’s the right time to stay warm this season just like your Frenchie. The following sweatshirt comes in three colors and presents the perfect gift for every French bulldog person. Abandoned French bulldogs will be thankful to hear that someone cares for them.

Pardon My French Towel

You can’t make a mistake by buying someone a gift inspired by these furry gremlins. A towel presents an essential item not only for you but also for your Frenchie.

abandoned french bulldogs

Paws Case Mate Slim Phone Cases

Nowadays, we can’t imagine leaving homes without taking our phones with us. That’s why every Frenchie lover deserves to always carry something that will remind them of those batpigs. And, what’s better than a phone case?

Frenchie Is My Valentine Women’s Tee

Do you sometimes feel that your Frenchie is your Valentine? Well, in case you’re that kind of person who doesn’t need anyone else except your dog, then this may become your favorite piece of wardrobe.

Frenchies Overload Dog Bowl – let your pooch help abandoned French bulldogs

To make our Frenchie Lifestyle brand complete, we decided to create a specially-designed French bulldog bowl.

abandoned french bulldogs

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