How To Treat French Bulldog Dermatitis?

breathing problems in french bulldogs

No one like to see their Frenchie in pain. Unfortunately, canine dermatitis is one of the worst and most annoying conditions that can affect your pet. French bulldog dermatitis affects the dog’s skin and causes severe itchiness, licking, and biting that can grow into a severe infection.

french bulldog dermatitis

What causes French bulldog dermatitis?

Dermatitis in Frenchies is often caused by food or environmental allergens. Dogs who have weak immune systems are susceptible to itchiness and dermatitis-related symptoms. Besides, it’s nothing uncommon to be caused by fleas, ticks, mites, and different bacteria. Due to these reasons, Frenchie owners should take their dogs to the vet as soon they notice the first symptoms of this condition.

What are the most common symptoms of French bulldog dermatitis?

This condition usually affects the dog’s paws, belly, armpits, and ears. If you leave it untreated, it can even cause hairless patches that will take a long time to recover.

french bulldog dermatitis

In case your Frenchie became nervous and seems unable to settle down, then you have to check whether he expresses the following symptoms as well:

  • Chewing and licking paws
  • Hairless patches
  • Rubbing the belly or head onto the carpet
  • Excessive skin scratching
  • Hot spots and crusts on your Frenchie’s body
  • Developing dark, almost black color of the skin on hairless spots
  • Saliva staining
  • Red and itchy ears with dark waxy discharge


Since French bulldog dermatitis requires immediate treatment, your vet will probably take skin scrapes to examine it under a microscope. UV lamps can discover different fungal infections, while blood tests can be used for pooches with allergic dermatitis to find out what they are allergic to. It’s the best way to discover and eliminate allergy triggers. In case your batpig developed thick and dark skin, then he might need a skin biopsy to find certain types of mites.

How to treat French bulldog dermatitis?

Since it’s a painful condition, your pooch will need topical corticosteroidal therapy in the beginning. Corticosteroids shouldn’t be used for more than 7 days because they can cause several side effects. Depending on the cause of the condition, your vet will prescribe you different medicated shampoos, antibiotics, and other products.

french bulldog dermatitis

Parasitic dermatitis should be treated with special mite, tick, and flea treatment that can last up to 3 months. Unfortunately, allergic dermatitis is probably the worst type of French bulldog dermatitis, because it will likely be for the lifetime of your pooch.

Oatmeal baths are one of the best natural remedies for dog dermatitis. Besides buying oatmeal-based shampoos, you can also prepare this type of bath by yourself. The only ingredient you’ll need is a cup of blended oat mixed with a cup of lukewarm water. Let the oat absorb the water for about 5 minutes and smear the mix on your Frenchie’s skin. Rinse your dog’s coat after 15 min and use a towel to absorb all the humidity from his folds.

How to prevent your dog from dermatitis?

  • Use hypoallergenic French bulldog shampoo
  • Feed your pooch with high-quality and well-balanced diet. Frenchies with a tendency to allergies often require to eat a BARF diet.
  • Don’t buy a Frenchie puppy from an untrusted breeder. The dog’s genes much affect their health in the future.
  • Take your dog regularly to visit a vet.
  • Protect your Frenchie from parasites.
  • Protect your pet from ticks and fleas.
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