How To Treat Gingivitis in French Bulldogs?

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Does your Frenchie deal with bad breath? Have you ever checked his teeth? Does he refuse food or water? These could be only some of the signs that point out gingivitis in French bulldogs. It’s an early stage of periodontal disease that is very unpleasant and may lead to teeth loss.

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What is gingivitis in French bulldogs?

Gingivitis is a dental issue that is caused by bacteria that accumulate due to plaque and tartar buildup. It is often followed by bloody gums, pain, and bad breath. Unfortunately, many dog owners think that their dogs don’t need a tooth brushing which is the key to having healthy teeth. Taking care of your Frenchie’s dental hygiene is extremely important because teeth allow our pets to discover the world.

The first symptoms of gingivitis in French bulldogs include inflammation of the gums. A thin and red line along the gums can also be visible, as well as stained teeth. As the disease progresses, you may also notice the following:

  • Gum bleeding
  • Bad breath
  • Pus oozing (occurs in the last stage of gingivitis when a dog is about to lose its teeth)
  • Painful gums and teeth
  • Appetite loss
  • Pawing the mouth

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What causes gingivitis in French bulldogs?

Dogs can get gum disease just like humans! Poor diet and lack of oral hygiene are two big culprits in the development of this serious condition, but some dogs with crowded teeth or those who groom themselves regularly may be at higher risk too. Frenchies and other brachycephalic dog breeds are on a higher tendency to suffer from dental issues. On the other hand, Shiba Inus also belong to this category due to their natural tendency to clean and groom themselves.

When plaque builds up on our dogs’ teeth and tartar forms, it can calcify to the point where they have lost their teeth. Bacteria often breeds in these pockets between spaces that are filled with food debris or moisture-rich substances like sips from drinks which causes an infection called periodontal disease!

How to treat gingivitis in French bulldogs?

Brushing your French bulldog’s teeth should not be done just once or twice per year. Your pooch needs it every day because that will prevent tartar buildup and keep bacteria from sticking on his pearly whites. Frenchies with gingivitis should go to professional teeth cleaning where tartar deposits are removed and their pearly whites will be polished. If there is pus oozing from the gums, then your pet might need a removal of the part of the gum tissue too. This could be very painful when the anesthesia stops working, so your vet might prescribe him pain relief drugs too.

Unfortunately, dogs with severe stages of gingivitis will continue living their lives toothless. This can seriously affect their daily habits and ruin their appetite. Some dogs will even need to switch to canned food or homemade meals.

Why are dry kibble and raw diet the best option?

It’s also important to note that dogs who eat dry kibble or raw diet will have healthier teeth. But, why it’s so? Although we know that dry kibble food can be quite poor in ingredients if we don’t check their labels, chewing dry and crispy food actually strengthens the dog’s teeth and jaw. On the other hand, the raw or BARF diet for French bulldogs will be especially beneficial for dogs who suffer from allergies and flatulence. Chewing fresh meat and bones strengthens the French bulldog’s teeth and actually helps in removing tartar and plaque.

And we also shouldn’t forget the toys. Let your Frenchie play with chew toys that feature rubber pins because they’ll do the daily tooth brushing. Our favorite pick is the French Bulldog Beeping Chew Toy because it both triggers the dog’s attention with the noise and cleans his teeth.

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French bulldog toys can be of great help to owners whose dogs don’t love tooth brushing. If you haven’t carved out this routine since your dog’s early puppyhood, then using dental treats and chew toys can be one of the solutions.


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