How To Treat Hot Spots On French Bulldogs?

Hot Spots On French Bulldogs

Hot spots on French bulldogs are not only scary-looking but also cause extreme discomfort to your pet. The reasons for red, painful, and bald spots are many, and we’ve listed the most common ones with tips on how to treat them.

Hot Spots On French Bulldogs

Why do hot spots occur on French bulldogs?

Hot spots on French bulldogs usually occur due to trauma or constant itching. They are otherwise called acute moist dermatitis and are a common skin disorder in Frenchies. Besides allergies that take the first place on the list of triggers, hot spots are also caused by the following:

  • Reactions to insect bites

Scratching is a reaction to insect bites. When a dog scratches the skin, histamine starts to produce. The next stage includes developing small cuts that allow bacteria to enter the blood and skin.

  • Ear infections

Yeast infection and bacterial infections of the ears are very painful, so a Frenchie will scratch the ears to relieve the pain.

  • Poor grooming

Dogs that do not bathe regularly and that are not regularly groomed are on a higher tendency to develop hot spots. Different allergens, dust, mites, dirt, and bacteria can make the dog’s skin itchy. As the result, a Frenchie can scratch the skin and develop hairless and hot spots on the body.

Hot Spots On French Bulldogs

  • Pyoderma

Bacterial and yeast infections may incite the dog to scratch the specific area a lot which will lead to redness, bleeding, and hair loss.

When the dog feels stressed about the owner’s absence, he can start licking specific body parts to soothe the time of loneliness. Such behavior is a sort of self-consolation.

  • Anal gland and tail pocket infection

French bulldogs don’t have tails but they have tail pockets that are prone to infection. The feces can enter the tail pocket and cause itchiness, discomfort, and infection.

Hot Spots On French Bulldogs

  • Orthopedic problems

It is important to be proactive about your dog’s health. One of the most common causes of arthritis in dogs, back problems, and other joint issues are lying on one side or chewing at degenerating joints which can lead them into hot spots because they’re trying to help relieve pain.

How do I recognize hot spots on French bulldogs?

Hot spots are usually large, raw inflamed areas of skin that become moist and painful as a result of continued licking or chewing. If you leave it untreated, the infection will become severe. The treatment may last up to several months and the condition is very painful and uncomfortable for a dog.

How to treat hot spots on French bulldogs?

The first step I removing the fur on the affected area. The spot should be kept clean to make it easier to treat. Your vet will prescribe you an anti-topical rinse to daily clean the hot spot and prevent it from further bacteria development.

  • Corticosteroids

Corticosteroid creams can be used for a maximum of 10 days and they will stop the itching sensation. As your Frenchie stops licking and itching the spot, it will be much easier to treat. Long-term use of corticosteroids is not recommended because they weaken the skin.

  • Protective collars

Using protective collars is recommended to prevent further injuries and licking.

  • Antibiotics

Oral antibiotics and injections can be prescribed to treat bacterial infections. Your vet will take a swab from your French bulldog’s skin to determine what antibiotic will work the best.

  • Allergy medication

To reduce the uncomfortable itchiness, your vet might tell you to give your Frenchie antihistamines therapy for about 14 days.

  • Medicated wipes

They are a great option for daily cleaning the infected spots. Since most of them contain chlorhexidine and ketoconazole, they’ll help relieve the symptoms of fungal and bacterial infections. The mess-free, convenient wipes are ideal for getting to all your pal’s difficult areas like face folds and in between toes. They’re perfect to clean off dirt on the spot or after a bath as well!

Dog shampoos with special antifungal ingredients like ophytrium can be a perfect option to maintain your dog’s skin healthy. Ophytrium is a natural ingredient that helps strengthen the skin’s physical barrier. Besides, you can find one that contains Coconut and Olive oils to make your French bulldog’s coat smooth and shiny.

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