Hyperkeratosis in French Bulldogs – Revealing

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Otherwise called hairy feet, hyperkeratosis in French bulldogs is one of the ugliest conditions to see on a dog’s feet. French bulldog paws do a lot for their bodies, so that’s why these body parts require proper care.


What is hyperkeratosis in French bulldogs?

This kind of condition is followed by thick and crusty dog pads. It actually looks like a dog has hair growing on his pads. A similar issue can happen with your French bulldog’s nose. It is called nasal hyperkeratosis. Since both conditions can be very painful, early treatment is essential. A dog can even start to hoop and experience mobility issues due to overgrown hair.

Hyperkeratosis also dries the pads, therefore, there is a possibility of becoming cracked. In case when a Frenchie deloped bloody wounds, it’s essential to ask your vet for treatment.


What causes a hyperkeratosis in French bulldogs?

Hence the name, this health issue happens due to genetics and overproduction of keratin. It usually occurs within the Frenchie’s first age of life. Here is the list of potential reasons for the occurrence.

Eating food poor in zinc

We all know that zinc improved the dog’s skin and makes it look smooth and moist. However, when a dog’s body doesn’t absorb it properly, the hyperkeratosis may happen. That’s why you should consider giving your Frenchie ingredients rich in zinc. It can be found in meat-based products as well as in cereals. When we talk about dog food, oat presents one of the greatest sources of Zinc. The deficiency of this important element is followed by diarrhea, dull-looking coat, appetite loss, and even vomiting.

Canine distemper virus

This type of virus can occur if a dog didn’t go through proper immunization. The first symptoms of this virus include a dog’s sneezing, and thick mucus coming from his nose. The virus is passed from dog to dog through direct contact with fresh urine, blood or saliva. Unfortunately, this type of virus can be fatal to some pooches. Therefore, vaccinations present one of the best solutions to prevent this disease.

Parasite Leishmaniasis

The sandflies are the main reason for occurring this type of infection. That’s why is essential to put your dog under proper medical treatment. The incubation period of canine leishmaniosis is extremely long. It may vary between 3 and 18 months. Exceptionally, in some cases, it may remain silent for several years. The symptoms showing depends only on a dog’s immune system. Therefore, some pooches will never show symptoms as long as they are properly fed and not subjected to stress.

Autoimmune skin disease

The second name for this disorder is Pemphigus foliaceus. It happens both in dogs and cats who are dealing with hormonal imbalance.

How to treat hyperkeratosis in French bulldogs?

One of the best preventions and treatments for this painful disease presents soothing the Frenchie’s paw pads.  Dry and cracked paws are on a higher tendency to develop excessive hair growth.

The following Frenchie World Paw Balm presents a perfect mix of natural ingredients that can help a dog in dealing with crusts and cracked skin. Besides you can treat Hyperkeratosis in French bulldogs, this balm is also great for soothing a dog’s nose.

hyperkeratosis in french bulldogs

Wearing protective footwear

A dog that suffers from hyperkeratosis often goes through severe discomfort by walking barefoot. By protecting the Frenchie’s paws from the rough surface of the sidewalk by getting him/her to wear dog boots, you’ll do a lot for your dog’s paw protection.

hyperkeratosis in french bulldogs

Shea Butter

Search for a product that contains shea butter. It not only soothes the skin but also works as a protective layer on a dog’s paw pads. Shea trees are native to West Africa, and the great part of the butter comes from that region. It is rich in fatty acids and vitamins that make a beneficial product for conditioning and treating hyperkeratosis.

hyperkeratosis in french bulldogs

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