Is My French Bulldog Overweight?

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One of the greatest concerns of French bulldog owners is whether their Frenchies are overweight. Obesity in French bulldogs is a very common occurrence because these pooches are considered low energy dogs that can’t sustain great physical exertion. Although Frenchies look so cute in their fatty bodies, such condition can seriously affect their health and cause many issues in the future.

french bulldog overweight

Is your French bulldog overweight?

Every dog owner should know how a healthy and well-bred Frenchie looks like. These little gremlins are famous for their stout and muscular bodies of heavy bone. Their heads should be large and square, and the necks are thick and well-arched with loose skin on the throat. The French bulldog’s forelegs should be straight, short, and muscular, and set wide apart, while the hind legs are longer than forelegs and are also muscular and stout.

Recommended healthy weight for male French bulldogs is max 28 pounds, while females shouldn’t exceed 24 pounds. Another thing to consider is whether your Frenchie belongs to mini-sized pooches. IF you’re the owner of a mini French bulldog, recommended weight for males and females is max 20 pounds.

french bulldog overweight

To determine whether your Frenchie is overweight, you can search for these signs on your dog’s body:

  • Manually check your dog’s torso by applying a small amount of pressure. Healthy Frenchies of normal weight should have solid muscles on their torso and visible muscular shape.
  • Check if you can feel your dog’s ribcage under your finger. If you can feel only
  • Your French bulldog’s chest should be wider than his abdomen. It’s a sign that your pet doesn’t have a high level of fat in his body.
  • You should be able to feel your Frenchie’s spine under your fingers when it curls up in a sleeping position. It’s a sign that your pooch is not overweight.

french bulldog overweight

Is your French bulldog overweight?  Signs to consider

  • Check muscle definition

Does your Frenchie have a muscle definition? Every healthy French bulldog should have visible muscle definition. Round bellies and piggy bodies should not be the main characteristics of Frenchies. They might be short but they still need to have clearly defined hips, a strong chest, and a powerful appearance.

  • Can your Frenchie scratch his ears?

Every dog should be able to scratch his ears and other body parts. However, if your French bulldog can’t do it, it will be a clear sign that you need to put him on a special low-calorie diet. Paw licking and ear scratching should be the daily habits of all dogs of healthy weight.

  • Does your Frenchie get tired quickly?

You should definitely become concerned for your dog’s health if he becomes breathless after 30 min of walk. Another visible indicators of obesity are the inability to jump and climb the stairs. Overweight French bulldogs will find it diffult to perform normal daily activities such as playing fetch, running and chasing.

How to help your French bulldog to lose weight?

  • Choose a low-calorie diet and reduce portions

Obese Frenchies should eat a low-calorie or BARF French bulldog diet that will be free of grains, artificial colors, additives, and by-products.  Vets usually recommend 25 calories per pound of a dog’s weight. You should also be very careful when feeding your dog with treats because they’re often the biggest culprits for obesity. Instead of buying commercial French bulldog snacks, you can reward your dog with different fresh veggies such as carrots, broccoli,  and other healthy ingredients.

  • Go to daily walks

Although your Frenchie looks like he’s fighting for air during daily walks, you need to gradually prolong his time spent in activities. Every dog needs to stay active to maintain a healthy weight and stay healthy.  We recommend you to take your dog for a walk 3 or 4 times a day. In the beginning, the stroll may last 10 or 15 min, and as your Frenchie gets back to shape, you should extend his walks to 30-45 min.

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