The Most Common French Bulldog Behavior Problems

french bulldog behavior problems

If you’re searching to buy a French bulldog puppy, then you’ve probably heard many words of praise for these dogs. They’re lively, affectionate, and one of the most iconic-looking dogs in the World. Aside from these facts, it’s good to become informed about the most common French bulldog behavior problems. Since there is no dog without flaws, we recommend every Frenchie lover to read this article.

french bulldog behavior problems

What are the most common French bulldog behavior problems?

Widely known for their witty personalities, Frenchies are taking the world by storm. They currently take the high 4th position in homes all around the world, and this fact shouldn’t surprise us at all. It’s because they’re the best dogs for apartment living conditions, and posses quite calm personalities. They act friendly both toward unknown dogs and kids, so that’s why Frenchies often find places in big families.

However, tailoring your dog’s personality can sometimes turn into a real nightmare because it much depends on you. Regardless of the fact that French bulldogs are known for all these cool features, every dog requires to get the essential training lessons. It’s the only way to live with an obedient family member. Therefore, let’s find out what could be potential French bulldog behavior problems and how to stop them in time.

Clingy behavior

Since French bulldogs belong to companion breeds, it’s pretty clear that this dog will become your mirror. They love their pack leader more than anyone or anything else in the world, so you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that your pet follows you even when going to the bathroom. It’s because he wants to make sure that everything is ok and that you’re safe.

Strange sound creators

Due to their brachycephalic skulls, Frenchies are complete winners when we talk about producing strange sounds. They’ll howl, cry, bark, talk, snore, and snort just to attract your attention.

Separation anxiety

One of the biggest concerns in this breed is their tendency to suffer from separation anxiety. This type of condition can be prevented if you gradually teach your dog to spend time alone from an early age. You shouldn’t leave your pet alone suddenly, because Frenchies have learned to work by and for their owners. Owners are their main motivation for living and getting up, so sudden realizing that the owner has left the house can cause them to experience real stress.

Chewing behavior

Every dog shows chewing behavior due to different reasons. Some pooches may chew on home items due to boredom, or stress, while others will chew due to painful teeth growing process. As the last option, we can mention the hunger, but it’s one of the rarest reasons. Therefore, one of the methods to prevent a dog from unwanted chewing is to focus his attention to play with toys. French bulldog toys represent great tools for teaching a dog what to chew.

french buldog behavior problems

To save your Frenchie from chewing on home items and your footwear, you can spray them with an anti-chew spray for dogs. It has a bitter taste, so your pet won’t try to bite it again.

How to prevent French bulldog behavior problems?

  • Become your dog’s pack leader

Since dogs are taught to live in packs, you need to set the roles in your relationship. You should teach your dog who is his pack leader and that he is your ‘follower’. This sentence might sound cruel, but it’s the only way to set a healthy relationship and shape your French bulldog’s personality.

  • Teach your dog to spend time alone

Even though you love your dog so much, you’ll do a disservice to yourself by teaching him to follow you around. It means that your dog shouldn’t become your shadow, otherwise you’ll have a lack of free time for yourself.

To prevent your dog from unwanted chewing, it’s essential to teach him to play with toys. Toys are great to prevent boredom and to keep a dog occupied when spending time alone.

toys for frenchies
  • Use good motivational tools

Since Frenchies may act stubborn during training lessons, I recommend you use good motivational tools. You can use your Frenchie’s favorite snacks or an interactive toy that will also improve his intelligence.

My suggestion is to use Bubba Rose gourmet treats for French bulldogs because they don’t contain artificial colors, fillers, and preservatives.

french bulldog snacks

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