Rare French Bulldog Colors- Revealed!

rare french bulldog colors

Making a decision to buy a dog is one of the most thrilling moments in everyone’s life. Dogs teach us responsibility and show how true love should look like. If you’re considering bringing a French bulldog puppy into your home, then you’ll surely have a hard time deciding what is the right color for you. Besides acceptable coat colors and patterns, rare French bulldog colors take a lot of attention lately. Let’s find out what are the most unusual Frenchie colors, and how to choose the right one.

What are the acceptable French bulldog colors?

Originated from England and later crossbred with other toy dog breeds in France, French bulldogs had a reputation as city dogs par excellence. They have been associated with Paris cafe life, and with fancy ladies who sought nocturnal pleasures in Parisian dancehalls.

When finally the standard of the French bulldog breed has been set in the1898 by the French kennel club, there were two types of Frenchies. The first one had rose-shaped ears, while the second one had bat-shaped ears. Finally, a few years later, the bat ears were the only allowed standard. Aside from this, American devotees set the statement in the early 1900s by insisting that the bat ears are the correct Frenchie type. That’s how Frenchie became instantly recognizable all over the world.

Acceptable French bulldog coat colors include:

  • fawn
  • brindle
  • fawn and white
  • brindle and white

What is a brindle French bulldog?

Brindle French bulldogs have coat patterns that are mixed up with black and fawn colors. Depending on the percentage of the black color, their coat may range from very dark to light shades.

rare french bulldogs

What is a fawn French Bulldog?

We can describe a Fawn French bulldog as a beige coat that tends to have a reddish hue. Fawn Frenchies can also have black masks or muzzles. When we talk about shades, they should not look smutty or dirty. Lots of dark hair is also not allowed, and these pooches can also have a white chest or another small area of white fur. Fawn French bulldogs have dark eyes and black noses.

What is a pied French bulldog?

Pied French bulldogs have predominately white fur with patches with shades of fawn and brindle. Completely white puppies are also allowed, and the eyes in pied Frenchies are dark.

rare french bulldogs

What are rare French bulldog colors?

Unlike accepted colors, rare French bulldog colors can’t be used for showing purposes. They can only find places in homes where will serve as lovely companions. They are also called FAD colors and are considering as disqualification by the AKC. However, this fact shouldn’t not affect your decision about buying a French bulldog puppy.  Unusual colored Frenchies

Here is the list of rare French bulldog colors:

  • blue French bulldogs
  • isabella
  • lilac
  • chocolate
  • blue-pied
  • blue-brindle
  • black & tan
  • blue fawn / sable
  • merle

These pooches took a lot of popularity in the last few years and are often high in price. Due to rare-carried genes, rare Frenchies are difficult to breed.

What is a blue French bulldog?

The color of a blue French bulldog may vary from a light grey to dark grey with a blue hue.

Even though there are many divided opinions about rare French bulldog colors, people should know that the reason for having a sort of grey-blue coat is in carrying a dilute gene. There is a false statement that they’re prone to health issues because in some breeds may occur a condition that is called a Color Dilution Alopecia. That’s why is extremely important to buy dogs from the right breeder who carefully selects dogs for mating. This condition occurs when there is a faulty allele gene, so it’s necessary to previously check the dogs before mating.

rare french bulldogs

What is a Isabella French bulldog?

Isabella French bulldogs definitely have one of the most unusual colors of fur. They have light colored eyes such as yellow, green, or gray and have pink nose and area around the eyes. That’s why you should pay attention to the sun protection when you take them for a walk in warm weather. Isabella Frenchies can also have markings such as pied and brindle.

What is a Sable French bulldog?

Sable French bulldogs are a more rare version of fawn dogs. They have a basic fawn coloring with black or blue tipping and usually have dark eyes. The black mask can also be present, and they can also have pied markings too.

What is a chocolate French bulldog?

Another rare French bulldog color is chocolate. When we talk about Chocolate Frenchies, their coat color comes from a B locus. It’s also a recessive gene, so 2 copies of the chocolate allele is needed for this coat color to appear. The only way to discover whether a dog is a carrier of this gene is to perform DNA testing.

What is a Merle French bulldog?

Merle Frenchies have tiger stripes, patches, and spots. The basic color comes in any color while the merle pattern occurs in contrast color. It’s not recommended to mate two merle dogs due to a higher possibility to get unhealthy puppies with a tendency to suffer from alopecia, allergies, and deafness. Therefore, breeders choose one solid coat parent and one merle dog for mating to escape this possibility.

rare frenchies

What is a Lilac French bulldog?

This is also one of the most popular rare French bulldog colors. Breeders get lilac Frenchies by mating dogs who are carriers of chocolate and blue DNA from both parents ( B- locus and D-locus).

The hue of lilac dogs may vary from very light (almost silver) to purple. Besides, many of them can have pied markings. Another wonderful feature are their light-colored eyes. They may range from light yellow and blue, to green and light silver.

lilac frenchie

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