Tear Stains On French Bulldogs! Removal tips

tear stains on french bulldogs

Tear Stains on French bulldogs are one of the most common issues that happen in this breed. Splotches around eyes occur on Frenchies of all colors but are the most visible on dogs with lighter-colored coats such as cream and white.

tear stains on french bulldogs

What causes tear stains on French bulldogs?

Tear stains on French bulldogs are caused by a red blood cell byproduct called porphyrin. When your dog’s red blood cells expire, the porphyrin becomes cultivated via urine, GI tract, liver, saliva, tears…

Since porphyrin transits into red color when comes in contact with sunlight, it’s not surprising to see the stains around the dog’s eyes and mouth. This red blood cell byproduct is found in saliva and tears, and when your Frenchie licks the area, it becomes reddish.

Another cause for tear stains on French bulldogs may indicate an underlying issue. Sometimes, a dog with excessive tear production suffers from an allergy or is having an object stuck in the eye.

tear stains on french bulldogs

What causes excessive tear production in dogs?

Tear overproduction or epiphora, may happen due to sever reasons, and some of them are:

  • allergies (seasonal, contact or food allergies)
  • inner rotation with an eyelid or Entropia
  • corneal ulcers – it occurs when deeper layers of the cornea are lost
  • protrusion of the eyeball- it often occurs in brachycephalic dog breeds

To spot any of these conditions, it’s essential to observe your Frenchie’s behavior. A dog who deals with any kind of issue will scratch the eyes and try to rub the head onto the floor. He will also show difficulties with opening the eye and will tend to hide of direct light.

On the other hand, excessive yellow discharge and pain are usually the symptoms of conjunctivitis. Therefore, if you spot such signs, it’s important to see a vet in order to get antibiotic therapy.

french bulldog growling

How to solve tear stains around the French bulldog’s eyes?

As we already mentioned, dark stains around the Frenchie’s eyes are usually caused by porphyrin. However, people often mix it with Malassezia (yeast) which is followed by a bad odor.

If you think that your dog developed Yeast (Malassezia), our advice is to perform a cytology test. In other cases, tear stains can be removed by using eye-safe products.

What is the best tear stain remover for French bulldogs?

When choosing a tear stain remover for your Frenchie, it’s essential to find the one that won’t sting the eyes. The following Frenchie World Tear stain remover is empowered by German technology and contains herbs that help in removing splotches around your pet’s eyes.

tear stains on french bulldogs

This product lightens the area that is already stained and prevents developing further splotches. The solution doesn’t cause irritations, thanks to its natural ingredients. By regular usage for approximately 2-3 weeks, your Frenchie will again have stain-free eyes. The formula is free of alcohol, bleach, and other harmful elements that can damage the dog’s eyes and skin.

tear stains on french bulldogs

The remover is safe to use on dogs from the 4th month of age, and comes in a package of 50 ml. Apply 5-6 drops to a cotton swab and gently wipe the area around the Frenchie’s eyes. Use it 2-3 times per week, and in the meantime, you can wipe the area around eyes with wet baby wipes.

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