The Cutest Shirts For French Bulldogs


We all know that Frenchies require wearing clothes all around the year. Even when it’s hot outside, Frenchies should have a protective layer of fabric over their sensitive skin. Since spring season is about to begin, we decided to represent you with the cutest shirts for French bulldogs in 2020.

When to use shirts for French bulldogs?

Well, winter is almost behind us and you’re probably thinking that finally, your Frenchie will be able to spend more time outside. On the one hand, it’s true. However, on the other, your dog still needs a protective layer over his allergy-prone skin. Seasonal pollen is one of the worst enemies not only for humans but also for dogs. And, to be honest, we all know how much dogs adore roll in the grass. So, that’s why wearing a soft and thin layer of cotton fabric will save your Frenchie from itchiness, blisters, bumps, and other nerve-wracking symptoms.

Another case when your pooch will need to wear clothes is in cold weather. Since spring evenings are not always warm, our suggestion is to make your batpig warm by dressing him into shirts for French bulldogs. For those really cold evenings, you should also have a wind-proof and water-proof jacket.

shirts for french bulldogs

You might think that the list ends here. However, you should have a plan B for keeping your French bulldog’s body temperature in optimal ranges during hot weather. Frenchies and hot weather are not good friends.

They are on a higher tendency to get heatstroke if left to spend time outside in the summer. Therefore, to keep a Frenchie safe, it’s important to always provide him with free access to fresh water and plenty of natural shadow. Going outside during the hottest part of the day should not be performed.

Besides the previously mentioned tips, it would be great to dress your Frenchie in a self-cooling shirt. Cooling shirts for French bulldogs should be dressed wet and serve to prevent dogs from overheating.

frenchie shirt

What are the best picks of shirts for French bulldogs?

Solid Dog Polo by Frenchie World®

Everyone should have a basic T-shirt in his/her closet, and so your dog as well. This soft and pleasant Frenchie T-shirt is made of 100% cotton and can keep your dog’s fur clean of dirt, dust, mites and seasonal pollen.

shirts for french bulldog

Frenchie World® Hawaiian shirts

If you adore making your Frenchie spotted wherever you appear, then this shirt will become your favorite pick. This fabulous Hawaiian shirt will make your dog the main star on the beach and will steal everyone’s heart. The luxurious cotton won’t cause your dog overheated, and can serve as great protection from UV sun rays.


STARS Hooded Sweatshirt

For walking in those cozy spring and summer evenings, your little gremlin gotta have a hoodie like the following one! It is available in 2 colors and the cute little stars will definitely make him/her the biggest star of the neighborhood.

shirts for french bulldogs

Plaid Flannel Dog Shirt

There is nothing cuter than seeing a dog dressed in clothes that resembles a human outfit! Well, this plaid flannel dog shirt is perfect for those special moments when you want your pooch to look festive! It is available in many sizes and the high cut is put to prevent the potty messes.

shirts for frenchies

Watermelon Soft Cotton Dog Vest & Skirt

Make your dog sweet and irresistible as watermelon in this fancy shirt. It is available in cute male and female designs and can be worn on any occasion.
This dog shirt is not only stylish but it also helps control dander and shedding.  

French Bulldog Mesh Summer Cooling Vest

To keep your little gremlin away from overheating, your dog gotta wear the following Summer cooling shirt. You should soak it in the water, twist it, and dress on your Frenchie. As your Frenchie walks in hot weather, the shirt will start to dry and prevent him from overheating. The vest comes in a practical plastic bottle that can be put in the fridge with a vest inside of it to get a better effect.

You Rescued My Heart Dog Shirt

If your dog shares the same story as the inscription on this T-shirt, then why not to show everyone how much you care for your little gremlin. Unfortunately, many people decide to leave Frenchies in the streets due to a number of health issues that may occur in this breed. Thanks to irresponsible breeders, these little batpigs end up being abandoned, so that’s why the Frenchie World store decided to help. By each sale of this T-shirt, they donate meals to dogs in shelters.

Mud Splash dog tank shirt

Perfect for everyday wearing, this cute T-shirt will provide your dog with a pleasant feeling when having a walk outside. It’s great to mix it with other outfit and since it’s made of 100% organic cotton, it won’t make your pooch itchy.

Bear Pattern Dog Vest

Is your dog your main Teddy Bear that you adore to hug and kiss every morning and evening? Well, we are sure that you would like to see your Frenchie dressed in this cute Teddy Bear t-shirt. It can be worn as a fancy detail or as a protective layer from the sun.

shirts for french bulldogs

Two Tone Plaid Blue French Bulldog Shirt

Can you imagine your Frenchie wearing this adorable boyish shirt? This is one of our favorite shirts for French bulldogs because your pooch can wear it on different occasions. It’s available in blue and red plaid patterns and is machine washable.
Your precious dog will be ready to hit the town and country in the Two-Tone Plaid Blue French Bulldog Shirt!

Summer Breathable French Bulldog Vest

Say Aloha with a style! From now on, your French bulldog can feel safe and cool when spending time outside in the warm weather. Thanks to a special fabric that is breathable, this vest shirt can save your pup from overheating. To get a better effect, you can soak it in the water, twist it and then dress on your dog.

shirts for french bulldogs
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