Top 10 Food Bowls For French Bulldogs

food bowls for french bulldogs

Many dog owners think that every dog can eat from a traditional food bowl. However, in recent years, it has been discovered that not all dog breeds can eat from the same bowls. When we talk about French bulldogs, their size, shape and eating style much affect choosing the right bowl. That’s why we’ve made a list of top 10 food bowls for French bulldogs that can suit their different life stages.

Fortunately, there are many dog feeding bowls that are specially crafted to fit a special purpose. So, how to determine that you’re using the right one? Read on and discover…

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What are the best food bowls for French bulldogs?

Since Frenchie puppies are notorious for fast eating, it’s essential to slow down their eating habits. Thanks to their flat muzzles, these little gremlins often suffer from flatulence and gasses because they eat both the food and the air.

Unlike dogs with long muzzles, Frenchies along with Pugs, Boston Terriers, and English Bulldogs require eating from shallow bowls. They allow smaller dog breeds to reach the food and will prevent them from neck pains and pressure in throats.

1-  Frenchie World Anti Choke feeding bowl

Anti Choke feeding bowl consists of a rotating part in the middle. It helps in slowing down the dog’s meal by improving a dog’s intelligence. Since a Frenchie will have to work for his food, it will stay curious to find out how to reach the food. 

As the bone rotates, the Frenchie will be able to take a bite of food.

2- Interactive Anti Choke Bowl

Junior Frenchies that eat fast would be curious to find out how this food bowl works. 

The zig-zag design will make your pooch entertained by insensibly occupying his attention. The bowl is available in 3 colors and is made of bamboo fiber melamine. By using this food bowl, your Frenchie will be able to regulate his digestion and decrease flatulence.

3- Frenchie World® Non-spil dinner set

Senior Frenchies that have already been taught to eat slowly can eat from regular but shallow bowls. As you could notice, this non-spill dinner set consists of 2 bowls (one for water and another for food). They are also put on a holder that has raised edges on the bottom, so your Frenchie will not spill the food all over your living place.

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4- Designer French Bulldog High Foot Bowl

When choosing food bowls for French bulldogs, it’s important to observe your dog’s needs. This feeding bowl prevents a dog from deadly bloat and removes the pressure from a dog’s neck.

Senior French bulldogs require using elevated dog feeding bowls, so this one might present the best solution for releasing pains in joints.

The bowl is available in 5 vivid colors and will add glamorous detail to your house.

food bowls for french bulldogs

5- Designer Elevated Dog Bowl

Another elevated dog bowl that prevents a dog from stomach bloats is this unbreakable Frenchie dish. It’s available in many colors and as your dog eats, the food falls down to the edge of a bowl.

dog bowl

It’s great for senior Frenchies that suffer from arthritis.

6- Portable Foldable French Bulldog Silicone Bowl

How many times did you want to bring your dog’s feeding bowl on your trip but they took up a lot of space in your bag?

Well, that’s why we want to represent you with this practical portable dog dish. It’s flexible, made of silicone and fits a small bag. It consists of 2 dishes and is very easy to clean.

food mat

7- French Bulldog Smart Slow Feeder Toy

It’s true that this doesn’t look like a regular dog food bowl. However, it actually is. This puzzle is great to use when you need to leave the house and you don’t know how to keep your pup entertained. 

Since the scent of your dog’s dry kibble food will attract him to figure out how to open the small boxes, your Frenchie will need to solve the puzzle first to reach the food.

As your Frenchie puts the bone to the frame, the box with food will open to reward him/her. 

food mat

8- French Bulldog Slow Feeder Toy

This slow-feeding dog toy is crafted for dogs of all ages because you can adjust the height. It has an anti-slip mat and the dispenser will release the food as your pet rolls it. Your little gremlin will also find an interesting zig-zag labyrinth at the bottom of the toy where he can have his meal. Overall, this is 2 in 1 toy that consists both of a toy and a bowl.

food bowls for french bulldogs

9- Frenchie World® Anti-wet Mouth Floating Drinking Bowl

This might not look like a French bulldog food bowl, however, it’s also essential to have an appropriate water bowl for your batpig.

The float ‘plate’ will rise every time you add water to the bowl. Therefore, your pooch will be able to drink the water from the small hole in the middle of a plate. It pretty much helps in the prevention of bloating and gasses.

Another great thing about this dish is that you can use it as a regular food bowl when you remove the floating plate.

food bowls for french bulldogs

10- 360 Degree Slanted Dog Bowl

As you already saw, food bowls for French bulldogs come in so many shapes and designs. This 360-degree food dish is made of high-quality plastic and silicone bottom that prevents slipping. 

When determining the place where to put your dog’s feeding bowl, we advise you to choose a quiet and peaceful place where your pooch will not be disturbed.

It’s one of the most important ways to make sure your furry friend has healthy eating habits.

food bowls for french bulldogs
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