Top 8 Frenchie Toys In 2020


Keeping a Frenchie entertained might seem challenging especially in moments when you need to leave the house. Since French Bulldogs are considered for a companion breed, teaching them to spend time alone should be performed gradually. That’s why we found the top 8 Frenchie toys to keep your pooch occupied. They not only provide your pooch with playful time but also serve to improve his intelligence.

What are the top 8 Frenchie toys in 2020?

French Bulldog Interactive Feeder Toy

Interactive dog toys are great in case you want to reward your Frenchie with some tasty treats. When the dog figures out there is a snack waiting for him inside the toys, he will become curious to discover the reward. Since food presents a dog’s main motivational tool for training, this Frenchie toy might present the right pick for your little gremlin.

This Interactive feeding toy is made of a durable rubber that will release the food every time your pooch chews it. You can add peanut butter, or some other ‘cream’ made of boiled veggies and meat.

Your Frenchie will surely adore playing with it!

French Bulldog Big Pig Plush Toy -provide your dog with a cuddly feeling

Some dogs simply like to spend time with their favorite toy and carry it around. For some pooches, carrying a toy provides a safe feeling in the moments of loneliness. This French bulldog Big Pig plush toy is filled with silicone flakes and may serve your Frenchie as a warmer and ‘best buddy’ to spend playful time.

frenchie toys- pig

French Bulldog Squeaky Dinosaur Toys

Frenchie toys come in so many great designs and colors. This one is made for those little chewers that go through a teething phase. The fins are made of a solid fabric that serves to scratch a dog’s gums and helps its teeth growing.

It is available in many colors and can be washed in a machine on 30 c.

frenchie toys- dino

French Bulldog Smart Slow Feeder Toy –  Frenchie toys to improve a dog’s intelligence

Is there anything better than playing a game and then getting a reward for being so smart?

Well, that’s why we suggest you have a look at this Smart Slow feeding Frenchie toy. The cases with food will open as your pet figures out where to put a bone.

In that way, your pooch will not only improve his intelligence but will also learn new tricks.

frenchie toys

Pet Toy Carrot – a toy for little chewers

It might look ordinary at first sight, but in fact, this Frenchie toy serves to relieve itchiness in your dog’s gums. It’s perfect for small puppies that need something to chew on. Teaching a dog what to chew is of high importance. In that way, you’ll stop your Frenchie from chewing on home items and destroying your furniture.

frenchie toys- carrot

Tooth cleaning chew toy – removing plaque and tartar

When buying toys for French bulldogs, it’s essential to have one that will help your pet to remove plaque and tartar. Collecting these two ugly-looking substances can seriously ruin your Frenchie’s teeth and gums. Therefore, by using this toy, your pet will strengthen his jaw and teeth and will keep them clean.

frenchie chew toys

Self Rolling Interactive Ball – great dog toy to play fetch

During winter months your pet should spend more time indoors because French bulldogs get cold easily. Frenchies can’t sustain being outside for a long period of time. However, you can provide him with good training by using this self-rolling interactive ball. The good thing about this ball is that it will never stop rolling. Even when colliding with chairs and walls, the ball will keep rolling.

Frenchie World® Food Catapult

Frenchie food Catapult is great for rewarding and exercising. You can make your pooch active and motivated by using this French bulldog toy.

You should add your dog’s dry kibble food and press the button for a reward.

Frenchie toys that we sell in our store are made of non-toxic materials, so you can be sure that they are completely harmless for your pooch.

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