What are the reasons for your French bulldog growling?

french bulldog barking

French bulldogs are known as playful and friendly creatures that rarely show aggressive behavior. However, what happens when you see your French bulldog growling? If they are not properly socialized at an early age, they may later show behavioral problems. Baring of teeth and growling can be triggered by the number of reasons, so let’s find our most common.

What are the reasons for your French bulldog growling?

Possessive behavior in French bulldogs

You’ve probably heard about the fact that dogs don’t like to be disturbed while eating. If you try to remove a dog’s bowl during a meal, there is a possibility that it will start growling. This type of behavior is otherwise called food guarding. Guarding possessions are normal to spot in your pet because the root is found in the behavior of their wild ancestors- wolfs. That was the way to protect their valuable resources in the wild. However, when we talk about domestic pets, such behavior is not so desirable.

french bulldog growling

To prevent your Frenchie from showing possessive behavior, I recommend you to hand feed your puppy several times a day. Sit with your puppy and give him kibble one bite at a time. It’s essential to kindly speak to your pooch while hand-feeding him and then to switch your hands. Practice this routine for several days until your puppy gets used to it.

Another tip is to distract your pet while eating by holding a treat and saying: ‘What have you got there?’ Pronounce this sentence in a friendly manner and slowly approach him. Encourage him to take the snack by bringing it close to his bowl. If he shows aggressive behavior, then you need to practice this lesson for several days in a row until he stops eating and takes the treat. The last step is when your Frenchie allows you to remove his bowl before he finished eating.

Fear behavior in French bulldogs

Fear in dogs is usually present when a dog didn’t get through a proper socialization program. That’s when French bulldog growling occurs so you need to make positive associations to help your Frenchie build confidence. To prevent your little gremlin from these issues, my advice is to include him at your meeting with friends and other activities. Of course, it should be done gradually by increasing the time spent in interaction with people every day.

Your Frenchie’s fear can also be connected with the environment. Your dog will try to tell you through his growling behavior that he doesn’t feel comfortable in a specific environment.

french bulldog growling

Medical causes for French bulldog growling behavior

If your dog has not used to growl before and now he does it every day, then you gotta take him to the vet. A complete physical exam may discover different health issues such as musculoskeletal conditions. Hip dysplasia, hemivertebra, arthritis, patellar luxation, and intervertebral disk disease can be only some of the questions. In some cases, constant French bulldog growling may point out breathing difficulties too.

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