What Do You Need To Know About The French Bulldog Tail?

french bulldog tail

We all know that the French bulldog breed has the most iconic appearance of all other breeds in the world. Besides their bat-looking ears, smushed faces and gorgeous round eyes, their tails also deserve special attention.

You maybe haven’t heard for the following fact, but Frenchies had much longer tails in history. There is no doubt that those cute little gremlins were selectively bred to become smaller in size. As they were becoming smaller in sizes, their tails became too.

french bulldog tail

How does a French bulldog tail should look like?

Although it looks like they don’t have it, they actually do have it. According to the AKC standard, the French bulldog breed should to have a short straight or screwed tail. However, there are also 2 more possible types of their tails that are also accepted. It’s straight-down and stumpy, and thick root with a fine tip.

french bulldog tail

Unlike other dog breeds that have different pocket tails, Frenchies may experience certain tail infections during their lifetime. They occur in case their owners don’t clean their dogs’ tails regularly. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to always check your Frenchie’s tail pockets and to clean it with baby wet wipes. Other solutions are bathing, and wet cloth cleaning.

How does a tail infection look like?

A tail infection in Frenchies is described as red and itchy skin with bad-smelling odor. In some cases, the tail skin can also become swollen and cause nervousness and discomfort in a dog. Unfortunately, such skin presents the perfect place for bacterial growth. That’s why is recommended to be threatened on time since the anal feces can only worsen the condition.

What can be other possible French bulldog tail issues?

Despite infections, some Frenchies are born with a skeletal disorder of their spines and tails called Hemivertebrae. The word ‘Vertebrae’ means ‘a dog with screwed-tail’. In most cases, this kind of condition is painful because the bones of the spine are abnormally shaped. For affected Frenchies, there’s a possibility to lose their function in hind limbs and the ability to control a bladder.

How to prevent a French bulldog from Hemivertebrae?

Since this is a genetically caused condition, you can’t prevent it. The only useful advice would be to choose the right French bulldog breeder. On the other hand, there are French bulldogs that suffer from Hemivertebrae but never experience any pains. They simply live their lives to the maximum.  

french bulldog tail

How to diagnose a Hemivertebrae in the French bulldog tail?

This health condition can be diagnosed by an X-ray examination. After a diagnosis is determined, your vet will tell you how the treatment should look like. Frenchies with this spinal disorder are usually not allowed to jump and to be allowed to long walks. In some severe cases, a vet might also advise performing a surgery.


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