What Is The Best French Bulldog Summer Clothes?

french bulldog summers clothes

When it comes to choosing French bulldog summer clothes, you might be wondering what type of summer clothes your dog needs. It might sound weird, but your little gremlin really needs summer clothes to stay safe from harmful UV rays and warm temperatures. There is a wrong opinion that clothes serve only to warm up our four-legged friends. The truth is that summer clothes can actually keep our dogs cool and you’ll find out how in the following lines.

How can summer clothes help my Frenchie feel better during summer hotness?

As we all know, French bulldogs are prone to overheating due to brachycephalic skulls. That’s why we should take certain measures to save them from heatstroke and losing body fluids. Besides paying attention to your French bulldog’s hydration, you have to choose both time and place for strolls.

Walking on hot pavements can make them uncomfortable and even cause blisters on their soft paw pads. Therefore, your dog should never be allowed to walk on hot sand barepaw.  Paw pads are not only sensitive, but they’re also the only spot where your dog can sweat and release heat.

French bulldog summer clothes will provide your furry friend with UV protection. Owners of blue, white, merle, cream, and lilac French bulldogs should pay special attention to protecting their skin because it can develop sun burns in only several minutes.  Although sunburns are not visible to the bare eye, your dog can show you discomfort by showing strange body language. Besides itchiness, you can notice your dog become nervous and incapable to settle down. In case you own a Frenchie with a pink nose, then you should also consider applying a dog suncream to sensitive body parts.

On the other hand, dog summer clothes can make your Frenchie look trendy and cool while enjoying evening summer strolls. We  selected French buldlog shirts made of both cotton and cooling fabric that will keep your furry friend’s body temperature within optimal limits.

What are the best picks of French bulldog summer clothes?


Floral Beach French Bulldog Shirt

Want to bring summer vibes to your neighborhood? In this dog summer shirt, your Frenchie will look like a million-dollar boy wherever paws-in. The shirt is great to wear as a protective layer from the sun, while at the same time it celebrates warm weather and sun.

french bulldog summer clothes

Summer Adventures French Bulldog Cooling Vest

As the weather warms up, you have to think about how to help your furry friend’s temperature stays within normal limits. This dog cooling vest features a cooling fabric that reflects the heat when your pooch wears it wet. The vest is easy to dress and it comes with Velcro closure on the back and around the neck.

french bulldog summer clothes

Lovely French Bulldog Dress and T-shirt

Let your Frenchie look like a juicy strawberry in this breathable and lightweight summer tee. It’s available in three cuts and can provide your little batpig with essential protection from UV rays and allergens. To provide your little batpig with a cooling effect, your dog can even wear it wet. As your Frenchie walks, the shirt will make your pooch comfortable to spend time outside.

french bulldog summer clothes

Beach Life French Bulldog Shirt        

Whether it’s a special occasion or just another beach day, your dog will look like a million-dollar four-legged baby in this shirt. The shirt is made of cotton, it’s available in 2 patterns, and it will provide your pet with essential UV protection. The shirt is comfortable, lightweight, and it celebrates beach life!

french bulldog summers clothes

Aloha French Bulldog Shirt

This is one of our favorite picks of French bulldog summer clothes. Whether your Frenchie loves to rest under a shady tree or enjoy the summer party, this French bulldog shirt will make everyone talk about your pet.

French Bulldog Summer Cooling Jacket

You might wonder what the purpose of the backpack on this French bulldog vest is. Well, it’s actually worth a fortune. The backpack comes with cooling gel packs that will help your dog stay cool when walking outside. The vest is made of breathable mesh that can be worn wet, and it can serve as a perfect solution to protect your dog from harmful UV rays and allergens. Before wear, you should place the gel packs in the fridge to cool off.


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