What Is The Rarest French Bulldog Color?

rarest french bulldog

Have you ever wondered what the rarest French bulldog color is? Since these little pooches come in so many patterns and shades, you’ll probably find yourself in a dilemma what color of a Frenchie to choose.

Besides the AKC approved coat standards, these little gremlins can be found in lilac, blue, chocolate, and Isabella colors that are higher in price.

Why are rare-colored French bulldogs high in price?

Rare French bulldogs require a special way of breeding. It means that the breeder needs to perform a selection to produce blue, Isabella or lilac puppies. Rare-colored French bulldogs are the carriers of a dilute gene that naturally occurs.

rarest french bulldog

In other words, no one can affect producing this type of gene. When a puppy is recognized as a carrier of it, a breeder can use it for further breeding. However, it’s also essential to perform several health checks because it’s the only way to be sure that the puppy is healthy.
This rule also applies to the AKC approved colors.

Are rare-colored Frenchies unhealthy?

There is a false statement that rare-colored dogs are notorious for many health problems. However, the truth is that regardless of the coat, some dog breeds can be more susceptible to suffer from issues with breathing.

Since they have brachycephalic skulls, Frenchies shouldn’t be exposed to great physical exertion and to be allowed to walk in hot and cold weather. They are most comfortable living in mild temperatures between 18-24 C degrees.

rarest french bulldog color

When we talk about the rarest French bulldog color and the most popular at the same time, Isabella Frenchies took the world by storm.

Why are Isabella French bulldogs considered for the rarest?

As we have previously mentioned, the dilution recessive gene is the main culprit for the amazing blue and Isabella colors of hair. Let’s explain what does it mean. The dilution gene appears on the D locus which consists of dilute d, and D non-dilute.

To recognize a puppy as a rare one, it needs to have the genotype dd. A French bulldog puppy that has Dd or DD will have a non-dilute/standard pigment. As you can conclude, this marvelous gene occurs naturally.

The dilution gene affects black and liver colors, while red may be lightened as well. When a Frenchie possesses dd allele, and if we mate him/her with a Dd or DD dog, the chances are 50-50 to produce rare-colored Frenchie puppies.

By mating two black dd carriers, the newborn puppies will be blue, while liver (chocolate) carriers will affect producing Isabella color of the coat. Isabella color (aka lilac) is considered to be the rarest French bulldog color.

The rarest French bulldog color – What is Isabella in French bulldogs?

Dilution dd allele genes occur from time to time to most breeds of dog. Unfortunately, it’s often claimed that rare French bulldogs are less healthy than those with standard pigments. It’s because in some dog breeds may occur the condition called Color Dilution alopecia. It’s actually a condition that happens when a dog has faulty types of the d allele (d1 instead of dd).

That’s why I highly recommend you not to buy puppies that are low in prices. Every responsible and trusted breeder needs to ensure you that the Frenchie you are buying is healthy. It means that you should know everything about a dog’s parents, their health and to get all the necessary health reports.

Isabella color in French bulldogs develops from dilute Liver dogs. This rarest French bulldog color is usually the most expensive because it comes in so many shades. Isabella French bulldog noses may range from pink to light brown, while their eye color ranges from light brown to light blue.

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