Why Do French Bulldogs Snore So Loud?

why do french bulldogs snore so loud

We can’t deny that Frenchies are the greatest winners when it comes to snoring, snorting, and farting. So, if you’re looking to buy a French bulldog puppy, then you have to be prepared for lots of unusual sounds. Why do French bulldogs snore so loud can be one of the concerns for many first-time dog owners. That’s why you all should know when is the ultimate time to become concerned about this innate feature of your pet.

why do french bulldogs snore so loud

Why do French bulldogs snore so loud? Revealed

As we all know, French bulldogs belong to brachycephalic-skulled dog breeds. Their flat skulls and restricted airways make them prone to snoring, snorting and reverse sneezing. On the other hand, obesity and elongated soft palates can also be one of the triggers to cause troubles with breathing. That’s why it’s highly important to keep your dog’s weight within normal limits and not to expose him to great physical exertions.

We also need to mention that narrow nostrils syndrome can cause severe troubles with breathing in your pooch. Therefore, if your dog suffers from this issue, we recommend you the immediate surgery to ease the airflow.

How to solve French bulldog snoring and snorting?

Even though it’s impossible to completely solve this feature in your dog, we recommend you to try other alternatives. Choosing the right dog bed, performing surgery, and putting a dog on a restricted diet can be one of the solutions. Otherwise, you should get used to living with such a ‘pleasant melody’ for the rest of your dog’s life.

why do french bulldogs snore so loud

Choosing the right French bulldog bed

It might sound like there is no connection between your dog’s bed and snoring, but actually, it can do the miracle. To prevent your Frenchie from snoring, you should choose dog beds with elevated edges. A similar thing applies to humans as well. We search for the right pillow until we find the one that will fit our necks.

As one of the best beds that work on our Frenchies, we recommend you to have a look at the following “Cheap & Chic” Ultra soft durable bed. It features soft felt filling and the edges on three sides will help your pet to have a good sleeping position while sleeping. Besides, the bed is available in 2 colors and many sizes to fit your dog.

why Do French Bulldogs Snore So Loud

Another French bulldog bed that will keep the dog’s neck in a pleasant and healthy sleeping position is this Canvas Soft & Cozy French Bulldog Bed.

Filled with felt and silicone flakes, it will shape according to a dog’s spine and neck. The canvas is skin-friendly fabric, while the elegant design fits all types of interiors.

why Do French Bulldogs Snore So Loud

Narrow nostrils surgery and elongated soft palate surgery

Some Frenchies may have breathing difficulties due to narrow nostrils and elongated palates in their mouth. Therefore, if you’re still wondering why do French bulldogs snore so loud, then you should check these two features. Ask your vet for advice and determine what would be the best solution for your little gremlin.

Prevent your Frenchie from obesity

Keep your dog’s weight within normal limits because it can have an influence on breathing. Take your Frenchie to regular strolls, because even 20 minutes of walk twice a day will be enough to satisfy his daily needs.

Do All French bulldog snore?

Unfortunately, all Frenchies do snore due to their flat muzzles. And, it happens not only in Frenchies but also in Pugs, Boston Terriers, and other brachycephalic skulled dogs. However, you can live with a dog that will snore less if he has been properly bred. That’s why it’s important to choose a Frenchie from a reputable breeder.

When to become worried about your French bulldog’s snoring?

In other cases, French bulldog’s snoring can be triggered by an allergy. So, before you start panicking and scheduling nostrils surgery, it’s good to check for other signs as well. if your pooch shows itchy behavior, and excessively sneeze when going outside, then he probably suffers from an environmental type of allergy. Therefore, talk to your vet and consider other potential triggers as well.

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