Why Do Frenchies Can’t Swim?

french bulldogs can't swim

As an owner of this lovely breed, you’ve probably heard for the fact that Frenchies can’t swim. Although some pooches may look like they cope well in the water, they may sink like rocks in a second. That’s why it’s important to become aware of the fact that French bulldogs are not predestined to swimming without using a life jacket.

french bulldogs can't swim

The reasons why do Frenchies can’t swim?

Since French bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls, short legs, and stout bodies, they are unable to float. Soft palates that are usually elongated restrict their breathing, while short and thick necks make it difficult to keep their heads above the water. For that reason, we recommend you keep your batpig away from pools, sea, and even bathtubs unless you stay by their side.

Frenchies can drown in a second if you don’t keep an eye on them, even when wearing floating devices. Therefore, make sure you always stay close to your pet and search for life jackets with a handle on the back. It will help to better maneuver and save your dog from dangerous situations.

It’s an undeniable fact that dogs love water. And for Frenchies, having a few splashes in the summer would be a life-savior option.

frenchies can't swim

Apart from the fact that Frenchies can’t swim, they’re also prone to overheating. So, if you were thinking to spend plenty of time at the beach, you’d better search for great natural shade. Frenchies are notorious for their tendency to breathe heavier in the hot weather and to quickly get tired. Their body temperature quickly rises and becomes more susceptible to heatstroke. That’s why we recommend you using different cooling tools during the summer. Drinking plenty of water, wearing a cooling collar or a cooling vest will help your Frenchie to deal with hot temperatures.

frenchies can't swim

How to keep a Frenchie relaxed in the water?

If your Frenchie is not a lover of water, then you gotta figure out a way to help him feel relaxed. The first step is to play with your pooch near the water. Turn the lesson into a game and reward your dog with treats before he finally jumps in to swim.

frenchies can't swim

Frenchies can’t swim- Why to use French bulldog life jackets?

Due to a specific body built, finding the right French bulldog life jacket might not sound easy. That’s why we’ve selected swimming vests that will make your dog comfortable to spend time in the water.

French Bulldog Swimming Life Jacket

Made of durable and waterproof 600D oxford cloth, and ensured with floating foam, this life vest will help in keeping your dog floating. It features a safety handle and a D-ring when you want to have a walk with your Frenchie at the beach. It is available in 2 colors and contains reflective straps that will improve visibility.

frenchies can't swim

Frenchie Life Vest Summer Dog Swimming Jacket

Available in 3 gorgeous designs, your pooch will become the main star of the summer season. This life vest features a diving waterproof fabric, high-buoyancy floating panels and adjustable belts.

French Bulldog Life Swimming Vest

From now on, your Frenchie will be able to float like a swan and become a master of swimming by using our French Bulldog Life Swimming Vest. It is available in 3 patterns and the mesh fabric on the belly serves to provide extra ventilation for your batpig. The handle on the back is especially handy and the reflective straps will improve visibility.

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