Why Do Frenchies Fart So Much? Revealed

allergies in french bulldogs

We all know that French bulldogs are more predisposed to flatulence that can be very inconvenient both for a dog and its owner. However, have you ever wondered why do Frenchies fart so much? The answer is actually pretty simple. Brachycephalic breeds such as French bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers, and Boston terriers take in more air when eating and drinking. Let’s find out what could be other triggers for your dog’s farting.

Why do Frenchies fart so much-revealed?

Feeding a Frenchie with food leftovers

Feeding a Frenchie with human food can cause severe flatulence, especially if he/she eats some of the following ingredients.

  • Beans, soy, peas
  • Sugary products
  • Dairy products
  • Spicy food

The previously mentioned foods can be problematic to digest if a dog eats it in large amounts. Therefore, giving a small nibble of cheese to your Frenchie won’t cause a huge issue. However, the constant giving food leftover to a Frenchie can cause daily flatulence and gasses.

frenchies fart

Food intolerance or allergies can cause Frenchies fart

Food intolerance can be another issue that can trigger farts in French bulldogs. Since this breed is on a higher tendency to develop skin allergies, it’s advisable to escape feeding it with eggs, chicken skin, gluten and lactose rich food, and animal by-products.

While some dogs show intolerance to certain meats, the others may have a reaction to food rich in carbohydrates.  A food allergy or intolerance in  French bulldogs should be recognized on time so the owner can change the dog’s diet.

To determine which ingredients are not good for a dog, the vets recommend trying an elimination diet. It includes feeding a dog with a home-prepared diet made of 2 ingredients. Usually, it’s a fresh carbohydrate and a fresh protein.

frenchies fart

The sudden change of a French bulldog’s diet

In case you’ve changed your Frenchie’s diet, then he’ll undoubtedly start suffering from severe gasses. Any new diet or ingredient should be included gradually in order to escape digestive issues. The first ’new’ meal should include ¼ of a new and the old diet.

You should continue feeding your dog for a few days with the same proportion, and then increase it to ½. After you determine your Frenchie doesn’t show any symptoms of allergy or intolerance, you can freely switch to a new diet.

How to help Frenchies to deal with farts?

Buying a special anti-choke bowl

Since this breed is unable to eat slowly due to their short snouts, my recommendation is to provide your pooch to eat from an ANTI-CHOKE FEEDING BOWL.

The following one is available in different designs of zig-zag adds to slow down your dog’s eating. By eating from these bowls, your Frenchie will prolonge his meal and will be less prone to ’literally eat the air’.

frenchies fart

Another specially-designed Anti-choke feeding bowl with a self-rotating bone in the middle has a non-slipping surface. It’s an interactive feeding bowl that improves the dog’s intelligence and makes a dog to ‘work’ for his food.

frenchie fart

Switch to another diet

Before you decide to change your dog’s diet, my advice is to consult with your vet. Often, Frenchies fart not only because of the fast-eating but also because of the inappropriate diet. Deciding what food brands might suit your Frenchie might sound challenging because some food that suits some Frenchies, won’t necessarily suit yours. That’s why I recommend you read the article about the top 8 dry kibble foods for French bulldogs.

One of our favorites is the Canidae Grain Free diet with Fresh Salmone. It’s created to boost a dog’s immune system and to improve their skin. Since it’s rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

frenchies fart

Try BARF diet for French bulldogs

Sometimes, French bulldog owners can’t find the perfect solution for their little gremlins. After trying dozens of food brands, they end up choosing the BARF diet for French bulldogs.

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