Why Do Frenchies Throw Up?

french bulldog throws up

Why Do Frenchies Throw Up? This is a common question I hear from their owners. Unfortunately, French bulldogs are naturally prone to this occurrence due to their brachycephalic skulls and sensitive digestive systems. However, there are still a few ways to help your furry gremlin easier deal with this issue.

french bulldog throwing up

What could be the reasons for my French bulldog’s throwing up?

Aside from being one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, French bulldogs are prone to different health issues. They are proud owners of one of the most unique features- brachycephalic skulls, big eyes, bat ears, and short and stout bodies. However, some of these characteristics are the main culprits for suffering from different health conditions.

Here is the list of possible causes of your Frenchie’s tendency to throw up:

  • Eating too fast

Unlike other dog breeds, Frenchies can’t easily reach the food from their bowls due to their brachycephalic skulls. That’s why they sound like they choke during meals. To help your Frenchie eat slowlier, I advise you buy him/her an Anti-choke feeding bowl. French bulldogs can throw up because they swallow air during meals. Luckily, anti choke bowls can help your furry gremlin decrease bloating, gasses and make him/her less prone to throwing up.

The following anti choke bowl is available in different designs, it’s dishwasher safe, and will teach your batpig work for his food.

  • Sudden change in a diet

Dogs should not frequently change their diets because they have different digestive systems from us. Any new or unsafe ingredient can cause gasses, pains, allergies, and even diarrhea in your French bulldog. Therefore, if you want or you need to switch your dog to a different diet, you have to do it gradually. Your vet will probably recommend you to keep one meal of his old diet or to mix the old diet with a new one. In that way, your dog will gradually get used to new ingredients and the amount of proteins/ carbohydrates.

  • Food poisoning

As we all know, dogs love to explore their environment. However, it can sometimes end up with throwing up due to poisoning. Be careful when you take your dog outside for a walk because curious Frenchies can easily lick or taste something poisonous or unsafe for their bellies.

french bulldog throwing up

  • Motion sickness

It might sound strange, but Frenchies (and all other dogs) can suffer from motion sickness too. To prevent your dog from this issue, we recommend you get your Frenchie a carrier. It will keep your dog safe and prevent him from injuries and jumping from one seat to another during driving. In case your dog gets extreme motion sickness, then you can ask your vet to prescribe you a dog-safe drug that helps in dealing with this problem.

My recommendation is to check the following Cozy French Bulldog Safety Car Seat because the seat belt can be fixed perfectly with all car models. The semi-closed design provides a dog with a safe feeling and makes him/her feel snug.

Unfortunately, Frenchies are prone to food and environmental allergies. Besides itchiness, your dog can excessively lick his body parts, get diarrhea and throw up undigested food. If your French bulldog throws up food hours after he had a meal, then you have to talk to your vet. He’s probably allergic or intolerant to a specific ingredient and needs an immediate diet change. Daily throwing up after meals can also point out other health issues, so a quick reaction is over needed.

How to help your French bulldog who is throwing up?

Feed your Frenchie with rice and rice water because it compensates for the lost fluid. Besides, it also coats the irritated gizzard and soothes the guts. If your Frenchie throws up due to intoxication or an inappropriate diet, feeding him with cooked rice, chicken breast meat and carrots will bring him back to life. Paying attention to a dog’s water intake is also important. Make sure you give your Frenchie water in small amounts and then gradually increase the amount as he gets better.

Before you take your furry friend to a vet, it’s also important to write down all the strange symptoms you’ve noticed. This is the list of questions your vet will ask you:

  • What color is the vomit and does it contain blood?
  • Does the vomit have a particular smell?
  • How many times did your dog throw up?
  • Did your dog have any recent changes to his diet?
  • Is your Frenchie also having diarrhea?
  • Does your dog take any drugs?
  • Did the vomit contain any unusual objects?
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