Why Does My French Bulldog Bite Me?

why does my french bulldog bite me

Although French Bulldogs are known as friendly dogs, they can show biting behavior through certain life stages. No matter how your Frenchie seems attached to you, unexpected situations can happen. However, such behavior shouldn’t leave you in tears, because your Frenchie won’t become an aggressive killer. He’s probably done that due to fear, pain, and or some other reason. So, if you still ask yourself the question ’Why does my French bulldog bite me?’, this article will help you relieve the truth.

why does my french bulldog bite me

Why does my French bulldog bite me?

Teething phase in French bulldogs

As we all know, dogs go through the teething phase just like human babies. Painful, swollen, and itchy gums are one of the main reasons why a dog will search for something to bite. In that way, he relieves the uncomfortable feeling and facilitates the process of teeth growing.

To help your pet easier deal with this life stage, I suggest you use chew toys for French bulldogs. They are made of solid and elastic rubber that usually features silicone pins. They provide immediate relief to the gums, and keep a dog entertained.

why does my french bulldog bite me

Maternal instinct

If your female Frenchie has just had a puppy delivery, don’t interrupt her space. Every mom wants to be alone with her kids and to shower them with plenty of love, care, and support.

why does my french bulldog bite me

Fear in French bulldogs

Sometimes, dogs can act unpredictably. They can show biting behavior if someone suddenly approached them. Such situations usually happen if you scare your Frenchie during sleeping or while eating.

However, if you don’t build trust even after such an incident, then you should search for advice from a dog behavior specialist. Aggressive Frenchie often feels insecure, so anyone in your vicinity can be a target.

Fearful Frenchies are often those that have been adopted from shelters and rescues. They often didn’t get proper socialization lessons which are essential for every dog’s behavior.

why does my french bulldog bite me

How to solve fear in French bulldogs?

Fear in dogs can be solved only by building mutual trust. Every dog needs a responsive pack leader that will teach him obedience. To make your dog trust you, it’s important to show calm behavior toward your pet.

This will help your Frenchie to get used to the idea that nothing scary will happen to him. Note that dogs are our mirrors and know to recognize our emotional changes.

Why does my French bulldog bite me? How to prevent biting?

Performing discipline lessons is one of the most important rules to keep in mind. Use positive reinforcement in teaching your Frenchie certain tricks, because all dogs adore being rewarded for something. Use his favorite toys, treats, and other items your pooch likes.

Command ‘leave it’

The training lesson ’leave it’ is another key lesson to be performed. For example, while your dog is chewing on some forbidden home item, you should speak by sharp but not too loud voice the words ’leave it’.

Hold a treat close to your Frenchie’s nose and after he leaves the item, show him affection, and tell the words of praise. This lesson should be repeated daily until your Frenchie memorize it.

why does my french bulldog bite me

Another lesson includes teaching a dog to stop biting your hand by showing him that he has hurt your feelings. Tell the word ’stop’ by removing your hand and leaving the room. Leave your French bulldog in a room alone for 2-3 minutes and then show him ignorance for being bad.

Wrapping up- Why does my French bulldog bite me?

Tailoring a French bulldog’s personality is certainly not an easy task. Our dogs are our family members, so we need to invest time in their training. Note that living with a well-behaved pooch will make your life easier and full of memorable adventure. Therefore, take care of every aspect of your dog’s life, because in the end, they are the only beings that want to always stay by our sides.

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