Why Does My French Bulldog Have Bumps?

french bulldog poop

If you’ve noticed that your Frenchie has bumps under his/her skin, there could be many reasons for such occurrence. In most cases, bumps are harmless, but they can also point out different underlying issues. Bumps on your French bulldog look like protrusions on the skin and can be of different sizes.

french bulldog bumps

What are the most common reasons for French bulldog bumps?

Bumps on your Frenchie can be caused by allergies, inappropriate diet, skin infections, poor hygiene, and hormonal imbalance. Most skin bumps don’t require treatment, however, they can cause discomfort and itchiness.

french bulldog bumps

French bulldog skin bumps caused by allergies:

In case your pooch developed skin bumps/hives due to an allergy trigger, then he will lick and itch the affected spot. Depending on the severity of irritation, they can be different in size, and some can feel hard, while others can feel removable and soft on touch.

The French bulldog’s skin can easily become irritated when comes in contact with different chemicals such as laundry detergent, house cleaning chemicals, or inappropriate dog shampoo. A dog can also get hives or bumps due to plant irritants and insect bites too. In most cases, these bumps on your Frenchie can pass without treatment or by taking antihistamines and applying topical creams.

french bulldog bumps

French bulldog skin bumps caused by poor hygiene:

As we all know, Frenchies have many folds on their bodies that tend to collect dirt and skin oils. Due to this reason, we have to keep them clean to stay odor-free and healthy. French bulldog folds will become prone to bumps if become stinky. The bumps will be a clear sign there’s an infection that will require immediate antibiotic treatment.

French bulldog bumps caused by acne:

Acne on Frenchies usually occur due to poor hygiene and impaired work of certain glands. If your dog suffers from diabetes or has a problem with excess sebum, then there’s probably a thyroid disorder going on in your dog’s body.

french bulldog bumps

To treat acne on your furry friend, it’s important to buy dog-safe acne cream. Using human creams is not allowed because they usually contain Zinc that is toxic to dog’s red blood cells.

French bulldog bumps caused by lipoma:

Lipomas on French bulldogs are usually harmless and they may appear almost everywhere on their bodies. As a Frenchie gets older, they may range in size and they’re a harmless production of fat cells. Lipomas are not painful and they can move by the touch of your hand. Since they’re a cosmetic disorder, most vets recommend leaving them until they become unpleasant for your pooch. In that case, surgical removal is needed and there is no exact cause for detecting this occurrence.

French bulldog bumps caused by food:

Different food ingredients could also be the cause of bumps on a dog’s skin. It’s actually an allergic reaction to food ingredients such as by-products, corn, additives, wheat, soy, and fatty meat. To prevent your pooch from bumps that are caused by food, you have to put him/her on an elimination or raw diet. BARF diet for French bulldogs is the best way to feed a dog who is prone to allergies. It allows you to choose fresh ingredients and to tailor the diet according to your dog’s age and needs.

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