Why Does My French Bulldog Have Pimples Around Mouth?

french bulldog pimples

Do you know that dogs can get pimples just like humans? If your French bulldog has pimples around mouth, then you gotta know it’s not a lonely case. Canine pimples are very common and they can occur for several reasons. Since leaving the pimples around your Frenchie’s mouth can progress to an infection, you should not leave them untreated.

french bulldog pimples

The reasons why your French bulldog has pimples around the mouth

Canine acne or canine pimples usually occur due to a lack of hygiene. Do you remember what your dog looks like every time after a meal? Well, leaving food leftovers around his mouth and inside the folds can cause not only pimples but also infection. The food stuck between your Frenchie’s folds will first become smelly and then began to rot. As the result, purulent pimples will occur around your dog’s mouth as a sign that you don’t pay enough attention to his/her hygiene.

On the other hand, you should not despair too quickly. Your French bulldog can have pimples around his/her mouth also because of allergy or using inappropriate dog cosmetics.

Allergies in French bulldogs often occur due to the intake of food full of additives. Artificial flavors, colors, and by-products are only some of the reasons for developing skin and gastrointestinal allergic reactions.

We can also mention hormonal changes as the ultimate reason for occurring pimples around your Frenchie’s mouth. Dogs who go through adolescence and females who are close to their heat cycles will be on a higher tendency to develop pimples.

french bulldog pimples

As the bottom line, we can mention injury to the skin around the dog’s mouth.  Trauma to the skin of the chin or muzzle can cause hairs to break off near the skin’s surface, leading to inflammation within the hair follicle and its eventual rupture.

How are pimples on your Frenchie’s face diagnosed?

Besides diagnosing acne based on clinical appearance, your vet may recommend a biopsy of the acne to identify the bacteria. Discovering the bacterial culture and sensitivity is of great importance because that’s how your dog will get the best treatment.

How can you treat pimples around your French bulldog’s mouth?

Topical benzoyl peroxide is often the most common treatment for French bulldog’s pimples around the mouth. It not only reduces bacterial contamination but also rinses the hair follicles. This product can be used to treat mild cases of pimples and in the long term, it can decrease the likelihood of recurrence.

Since severe cases of pimples on your Frenchie’s mouth require antibiotic and steroid treatments, we recommend you consult your vet to determine the best therapy. Oral steroids and antibiotics, as well as topical creams, can give the best results.

Squeezing the pimples will only worsen the condition, so that’s why you should not try to solve this condition on your own. Purulent lesions can be very persistent, so that’s why you should clean them in home conditions.

french bulldog's dry nose

Some dogs can deal with pimples for months, even years. In such cases, changing the diet of your Frenchie can help. Feeding a dog the BARF diet will decrease its tendency to suffer from allergies and develop canine acne.

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