Why Does My French Bulldog Stare At Me?

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We all know that dogs can’t talk. Instead, they use their eye contact and body language to send us messages and show emotions. Owning a dog brings so many great things, but also a lot of responsibility. And, since you’re the main person who is responsible for tailoring your dog’s personality, you need to know how to recognize certain behavioral signs and changes. If you get curious to find out why does your French bulldog stare at you, read on to discover the reasons.

Why Does My French Bulldog Stare At Me?

Why does my French bulldog stare at me?

Staring behavior is one of the most common occurrences in dogs. If we try to explicate their roots, staring in wolf ancestors was considered rude and threatening. So, if you see an unknown dog staring at you with unblinking eyes, we recommend you to back away and not to make a contact. It’s usually a sign of aggressive body language.

Why Does My French Bulldog Stare At Me?

On the other hand, if your Frenchie often stares at you, you can relax because it’s how he expresses love. It’s similar to a humans’ reaction when they want to show love and affection to someone they like. Therefore, next time you see your pet staring at you, you should know that such a ritual boosts love and trust. Your dog is simply amazed by you, and he only wants to show you how much he loves you.

What are the ‘benefits’ of your Frenchie staring at you?

The good news is that mutual staring between an owner and a dog brings many benefits. Many studies have shown that both people and dogs release oxytocin during mutual staring. It is the hormone of happiness that is also released in mothers when they look at their babies.

We hope that we’ve helped you find the answer to the question ‘Why does my French bulldog stare at me?’. While it also makes us uncomfortable, you should know that it’s the only way for your dog to show you love. The good side of this behavior is that a focused dog is easier to train. So, next time you see your Frenchie is staring, try to teach him a new command or trick.

Besides, our pooches may stare at us because they’re feeling confused. They don’t want to miss any possible cue or to get yelled at for doing something wrong. The final reason can also be waiting for a new command and to tell them what is the next direction. This often happens when they’re in the middle of the training lessons and they’re waiting to get a reward and affection from you.

”Don’t mess with me” behavior

Although French bulldog’s personality is often described as friendly, dogs who haven’t gone through socialization lessons can have that ‘Don’t mess with me’ look. Dogs who didn’t have interaction with unknown people and dogs, can show staring behavior that is often the sign of aggression. Therefore, watch out of such dogs. Before you decide to approach them, you need to pay attention to the rest of their body language.

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