Why Does My Frenchie Cry? What To Do?

french bulldog crying

If you’ve ever heard your French bulldog crying and producing some strange sounds, then you probably want to know what could be the reason for such behavior. Frenchies belong to companion dog breeds, so they seem more attached to their owners than most other dogs. However, crying behavior can occur in case your furry friend suffers from a condition called separation anxiety too.

What do I need to know about my French bulldog crying behavior?

Dogs like French bulldogs can cry due to many reasons. They can cry for attention, in the case when they suffer from separation anxiety, when they’re hungry or because they are over-attached to their owners. Since it’s extremely important to determine the root of such behavior on time, here is what you should know about French bulldog crying.

Are you trying to crate train your Frenchie puppy who has just arrived at its new home? In that case, you need to stay consistent and practice staying in the crate daily. Of course, your Frenchie should not be left in the crate for a long time. The time of staying alone should be gradually increased because it’s the only way to help your pet naturally accept the environment. Besides, he/she should create a positive association with the crate. You can achieve it by using treats and telling praise words because that method works best in dogs.

Not only Frenchies but also other dog breeds should be taught to spend time alone. You certainly don’t want to live with a dog who will whine, cry and stalk you everywhere even when you’re going to the bathroom. That’s the worst behavior that every dog owner could imagine. In case you own a Frenchie, you have to know how to make a good balance. Neglecting your dog and avoiding spending time with him/her can lead to separation anxiety equally as teaching him/her to spend a lot of time with. Therefore, try to keep everything within normal limits. Your dog should learn to respect your free time. You need your own space, just like your dog needs to have his own safe space for sleeping and chilling.

french bulldog crying

How to prevent French bulldog crying behavior from an early age?

  • Create a positive association with the dog’s crate

To make your dog feel relaxed at night or when staying alone during the day, you can place a piece of clothing that carries your scent in his/her crate. In that way, he will have a feeling of safety and think that you’re close to him.

Rewarding your dog while staying in the crate and calling him to enter/jump into the crate will also give positive results. Dogs create a positive association with spaces and behavior when we shower them with a snack and praise words. Therefore, this is another tip that can help your dog feel relaxed.

  • Occupy your Frenchie’s mind with toys

To make your dog occupied, we recommend you use squeaky or interactive French bulldog toys. They will not only improve your dog’s intelligence but also make him less think of your absence. We recommend you have a look at the following Self Rolling Interactive Ball that will roll even when colliding with walls and other items. It comes with a plush covering and thanks to automatic system, your dog can learn play with it all alone.

french bulldog crying

Another French bulldog toy that will also make your dog think about how to get treats is the Interactive UFO Toy For Frenchies.

french bulldog crying

Frenchies love to eat, but they also need something Interactive. This UFO toy is perfect for your dog because it improves his intelligence and makes him curious – not to mention that it distracts from the owner’s absence!

  • Make your dog pleasantly tired

Even though Frenchies are known for being couch potatoes, they still need to get a daily dose of strolls to stay healthy. Besides, dogs who go on strolls and get training lessons will be less prone to separation anxiety and crying and whining. French bulldog crying behavior can be successfully prevented by making a dog pleasantly tired. Therefore, if you’re planning to leave the house or you want to enjoy a moment of loneliness at home, make sure your dog gets a dose of exercise. In that way, he will become tired and probably fall asleep when you bring him back home.

  • Ignore your French bulldog crying and whining

You should ignore your little cutey’s screams and pleas for attention unless it is indeed about going potty. If you always go check him why he’s screaming and whining, then he will figure out that it’s the sound of calling you.

french bulldog crying

  • Punishment is not allowed

Do not yell at your Frenchie when you hear him crying or whining. Just imagine how would a kid feel when a parent yells at him/her instead of giving him support and asking him/her what’s wrong. Instead, you have to discover the root of the problem. Is it separation anxiety, fear, or something else? Monitor your dog’s symptoms and ask a dog behavior specialist in case you need help.

  • You have to be patient

Your consistency and patience is the key to tailoring your French bulldog’s personality. Therefore, don’t let a dog shape your life and schedule. You should be his pack leader and determine the boundaries. It’s the only way to live with a confident and obedient pet.


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