Why Is A French Bulldog So Expensive?


We all know that French bulldogs are considered very popular and rare dogs. Their popularity grows day by day, and the best proof for it is the AKC list of most popular dog breeds. Currently, Frenchies take the high 4th place in the USA and even 1st in New York. If you’ve been searching to buy a Frenchie puppy and then got confused by discovering they’re high in price, here are some of the reasons for such a fact.

Why do French bulldogs require special breeding?

Besides Frenchies are famous for their distinctive appearance, their special way of breeding and different colors of fur are other reasons why they attract so much attention. Lately, you’ve probably been able to see blue or lilac French bulldogs that cost enormous price. Well, the reason for it can be found in their special way of breeding.  Rare colored Frenchies are higher in price because they need to be produced by the recessive genes. The dilute recessive genes occur naturally both in males and females and are difficult to find. Trusted and reputable breeders carefully select dogs for mating and never produce a large number of puppies at the same time. Dogs that have been chosen for mating also need to be cleared from health issues and abnormalities.

Another reason for their high pricing is the way of reproducing. Due to French bulldogs’ narrowed hips, a natural way of mating is hardly accessible. That’s why is advisable to perform the artificial insemination. Since this type of mating is expensive, it’s not surprisal why do Frenchie puppies cost a lot.

Why do French bulldogs require special nutrition?

In order to keep their Frenchies’ health in a good shape, breeders need to provide them with a specially tailored diet. Protein-rich diets usually present the best fit for their sensitive bellies. Since they’re at higher risk to suffer from stomach floating, breeders need to provide those furry gremlins with a grain and by-products free diet. It’s also important to mention that pregnant French bulldogs need to be fed with high-quality proteins. In order to induce a better lactation, it’s advisable to feed pregnant Frenchies and puppies with 75% meat-based diet.

Natural puppy delivery is an impossible mission

Unfortunately, puppy delivery is a difficult task for Frenchie dams. They need to go through a C-section which is an extra payment for a breeder. Due to their thin hips, and puppies’ big heads and shoulders, Frenchie females aren’t capable to deliver them naturally. After a dam gave birth to her puppies, she is not able to walk on her paws for at least one week. It’s the time when the breeder takes the main role.

The C-section can’t be performed by a breeder! It’s a surgery that needs to be done by a vet under the anesthesia. In the end, when you put on paper the cost of an anesthesiologist and a vet clinic, a total price of Frenchie puppies should not surprise us at all.

A small litter

After going through all previously mentioned stages of French bulldog care, female Frenchies usually deliver 1-3 puppies at one time. Unlike other dog breeds that produce up to 5-6 puppies, a small litter presents one more reason for French bulldog’s high price. No matter if a dam will deliver 1 or 3 puppies, for a French bulldog breeder the money he spends is always the same.

French bulldog puppies require a 24-hour care

French bulldog puppies much depend on the care of a breeder in the first 2 or 3 weeks. They shouldn’t be left alone with the mother since she’ll be unable to move and feed them alone due to c-section surgery. On the other hand, there’s also a possibility for unplanned situations to happen.

Although Frenchie moms act gentle to their children, they can accidentally roll over on some of the puppies and cause an accident. When we talk about puppy nursing, not all of them will get the same amount of milk without the help of the breeder. There is always one weaker puppy in the litter that seems to be unable to find the way to food by itself.

There are also some additional costs for different examinations after the puppies are born. They are important for discovering potential health risks and abnormalities.

Why not consider investing in Pet Insurance?

No matter what dog breed you own, health insurance should be assumed. Our dogs are our family and they both deserve to get the best care. You maybe haven’t heard for the following fact but French bulldogs are known as the healthiest of all bully breeds. By buying your pooch from a reputable breeder, you’ll minimize the risk of owning a dog with different health issues.

french bulldog pregnancy

What is the average cost of a Frenchie?

If you made a decision to own a Frenchie, then you should be ready to pay between 1,500 $ – 10, 000 $ for a puppy. Trusted and reputable breeders will never sell a high-quality dog for a small amount of money. In other words, you get what you pay for.

On the other hand, there’s also another solution for getting a Frenchie. They can be found in shelters for approximately 100-300 $. However, they’re probably not purebred and have been left there due to certain health issues. In case you choose the second option, there’s a possibility for spending some extra money on vet checks.

Overall, French bulldogs that have been bred correctly have minimal tendencies to show any health issues during their lifetime. It’s true they require a special prenatal and puppy care, and vaccinations, but in the end, it’s something that we all do. How can someone even expect to own a healthy dog if don’t make any investments in its care?

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