Why Is My French Bulldog Drooling All Of A Sudden?

french bulldog drooling

It’s a well-known fact that dogs with brachycephalic skulls drool more than other dogs because of their unique facial structure. However, do you know when you have to worry about your French bulldog drooling? Since it’s important to know the difference between normal and excessive slobbering, we’ve decided to help you know the difference.

french bulldog drooling

Why is my French bulldog drooling all the time?

Drooling is an integral part of dog lives. However, in some situations, you can notice that your pooch is slobbering more than usual. Excessive drooling is not always the sign of panic, however, it’s good to know why does your French bulldog do it from time to time.

  • Teething phase

Just like human babies, puppies will produce excessive saliva during the teething phase. The teething phase is quite painful and uncomfortable for your pet and slobber helps them release the pain. Since there is nothing you can do to decrease drooling in your Frenchie during this period, you can only provide them with chew toys. To give your dog extra aid of pain, you can place a wet toy in the fridge for an hour and then give it to your dog to play with.

  • A sign of stress

French bulldog drooling is often a sign of stress and anxiety. A dog can go through stressful situations during a thunderstorm, firework, earthquake, and any other sudden trigger. Another reason for your Frenchie’s stress can be separation anxiety. French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to develop this condition because they belong to companion dogs. It means they’ve been bred to work beside their owners so sudden separation and lack of socialization can lead to this disorder.

french bulldog drooling

  • Dental and mouth issues

Dental problems in your French bulldog could be another reason for excessive drooling. Gingivitis, mouth ulcers, and tartar buildup are only some of the triggers.

  • Stuck element

If you often give your Frenchie to chew bones, or he/she is a destructive chewer of everything that comes in front of him, then we recommend you inspect his mouth. These little pooches are on a higher tendency to deal with this issue due to their flat skulls. It’s also important to note that they don’t have lockjaws that is common for other standard-muzzle dog breeds.

french bulldog drooling

  • Poisoning

Excessive French bulldog drooling can be the result of poisoning. Therefore, make sure your dog didn’t eat something poisonous from the environment. It could be even a toxic plant or a house cleaning chemical that triggers such a reaction in your pet.

Unfortunately, Frenchies are one of those dogs who can’t stand hot weather. If you live in a hot climate, then make sure your pooch drinks enough water and that you don’t take him/her outside during the hottest part of the day. Other things to do that can save your Frenchie from heatstroke are to use summer cooling collars, cooling beds, and cooling vests.

  • Motion sickness

It might sound strange, but dogs can suffer from motion sickness too. Besides drooling, your French bulldog will constantly swallow and lick the lips, vomit, whine, or be afraid to move.

  • Organ disease

If you are sure that your dog has not been affected by any of the previous triggers, then you have to consult a vet. In rare cases, French bulldog drooling can be the reason for organ disease. To determine the exact cause, your vet will perform blood, ultrasound, and X-ray testing.

Wrapping up – Dealing with French bulldog drooling

We all know that finding your dog’s slobber everywhere is not thrilling at all. Therefore, if your dog started to suddenly drool excessively, the problem is in most cases treatable. Our dogs can’t talk but they can tell us a lot throught their body language. Whatever the reason is, make sure you help your dog on time to get the best results.

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